37 Weeks Pregnant

This is the last lap of your pregnancy; thus, having completed your 37th weeks and served your full-term period. Staying 37 weeks pregnant is not a joke. It implies that you have been in that state for quite some time and now time has come for you to offload the load you have been carrying in your womb. They journey has been hectic but the hope for the newborn is overwhelming. You need not stress yourself so much as your baby is just about to arrive.

By thirty seventh week of pregnancy, most mothers find themselves in a more confusing state. You will find them always trying to organize things in their houses. This might be due to the belief that the baby could be on its way and therefore the atmosphere should be conducive.

37 Weeks Pregnant Body Changes and Symptoms

  • This is the likely week for your labor day. Your labor pain may start at any time.
  • The pelvic bones are exposed to excessive pressure.
  • Due to weight gain, one may feel gravity effects.
  • The breasts are enlarged and they are filled with milk ready to feed the baby.
  • Stretch marks appear and darken around the waist and breasts and on the part of the hips.
  • One may feel like vomiting.
  • There might occur vaginal bleeding.
  • You may feel back pain.
  • There might experience abdominal tightening

Baby Development at 37 Weeks

  • The skin smoothens even more as a result of the fat accumulating below the skin.
  • Lungs are fully enhanced and respiration is more frequent.
  • There is a decrease in the amniotic fluid as the baby grows.
  • The ultrasound check will show the baby currently weighing between 6½ and 7lb and inches lengthwise.
  • The hair of the baby grows faster

Tips for the Thirty-Seventh Week

  • Enjoy as much rest as you can
  • Lying on your left is recommended
  • Maintain your small portions of meals several times throughout the day
  • For a proper nutritional balance for both of you, eat more green vegetables and fruits
  • Plan to see your doctor

“During this thirty-seventh week of pregnancy, if pains occur and persist with increasing intensity and/or the water breaks, don’t panic, go to the nearby hospital. As it were, this is the correct time to prepare yourself for the imminent arrival of the baby. You should be able to identify the probable signs of labor. This is critical considering the arrangements you will need to make for safe delivery. Having a birth plan beforehand can be a wise idea.”

Bottom Line

All in all, what everyone woman dreams for is safe delivery and the moment you reach this stage, you should be able to understand your situation better with help from your healthcare provider. Being 37 weeks pregnant is a tedious experience and most women reach this point completely exhausted.  Well, the journey is almost over and the expectations are great – the baby will arrive soon, so relax and wait! The only thing you should note is how many months you have in this state and getting out is your dream.




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