39 Weeks Pregnant

This is actually the time you have been waiting for and now you can rest assured that your pregnancy has ultimately ended. You should brace yourself for any eventuality and one of them could be the 39 weeks pregnant no sign of labor. However, this should not a cause for alarm; you may still wait for a few weeks more before your baby knocks. Since you will soon become a mother, you should therefore try as much as you can to enjoy your final days of pregnancy. The coming of the baby is going to usher in new challenges and stresses; so, you must be prepared for the same. What you must understand is that at this point, the baby is making the most out of the space in the womb and therefore you could find yourself in labor pain at any time. So while you keep on with your usual duties, bear in mind that you could be a mother any time from then.

By this week, the pregnancy is considered as full term. The baby is going to be delivered at any time. According to a certain study, babies born after 39th week are less likely to develop any complications like breathing difficulties, temperature management or infections.

Symptoms and Body Changes of the Mother at 39 Weeks Pregnant

  • Constantly feeling distressed.
  • Your weight gain is reduced or has already stopped.
  • Difficulties in getting up from a sitting or lying position.
  • Breasts continue to grow and become increasingly sensitive.
  • Thick, yellowish discharge from breasts.
  • Your water may break any moment.
  • You may feel abdominal tightening.
  • False labor pain may start. You can differentiate the false pain from true labor pain, as the true labor pain will restrict your walking and even talking.

Baby At 39 Weeks

  • The lungs are mature by the week, but they won’t function on their own until after birth.
  • The baby could be weighing as much as seven pounds by now.
  • The brain of your infant is still developing.
  • Baby’s head should be attached to the mother’s pelvis by this time. And the baby should be in a head-down position. If not, position might be changed externally (External cephalic version).
  • Baby is getting antibodies from the mother which will protect it when it finally comes out of the womb.
  • At this point, the baby is 20 inches in length and about 7.25 pounds in weight and the size of a watermelon.

Tips for Thirty Ninth Week of Pregnancy

  • You should be mentally ready for delivery process.
  • Anytime the pain of delivery may start so arrange everything.
  • If you feel that the baby is not moving as usual contact with your doctor.
  • If the baby is not delivered at this week, it will put on more weight. So, just relax and take rest.

Bottom Line

You may wonder 39 weeks pregnant is how many months.  As aforementioned, you are way past your ninth month and given the amount of pressure in your womb, it is only a matter of time and you will be holding your baby in your hands. You only need to practice a bit of patience; but make sure everything is in place lest you are caught unawares.




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