7 Weeks Pregnant

7 weeks pregnant is how many months? You have just gone through one and half month of your pregnancy. Soon you will start receiving compliments from your peers. This is the time you should be prepared for a real change in your health body. Even though, all these will subside as time goes by.

By the seventh week of the pregnancy period the following symptoms are likely to show up:

  • Abdominal bloating – Some may think the bloating is as a result of being pregnant.
  • Pregnancy symptoms such as

    ⇒Back pain

    ⇒Fatigue and feeling weak

    ⇒Vomiting and nausea

    ⇒Feeling of pain in both breasts

    ⇒Craving for food

    ⇒Formation of a plug  on the mouth of the cervix which seal off the uterus; thus, protecting the amniotic sac as well as the baby.

Having said that, sometimes you are not going to face any of the following symptoms, in that case, you will feel yourself lucky. You may think that it’s a problem, but it’s not. You need to remember that every woman have different kind of experience during this time. If still you are filling uncomfortable, you should consult with your doctor.   

Physical Changes of the Baby at 7 Weeks Pregnant

  • The baby is close to half an inch in length.
  • The eyes begin to form.
  • Development of baby’s own blood type.
  • The mouth, tongue and tooth buds begin to develop.
  • The kidney starts to work and produces urine.
  • The liver produces red blood cells.
  • Baby’s toes and fingers can be seen in an ultrasound test.
  • The baby makes some movements but you wouldn’t be able to feel that. An ultrasound can get the movements.

Week 7 Pregnancy Tips

“When it comes to pregnancy, you just must not take chances. Ensure you are feeding appropriately, taking the right drugs and nutrients. Consuming a prenatal vitamin alongside folic acid is recommended.”

  • Remember that anything you consume during this stage of pregnancy bears a critical impact on your unborn. Considering that your hormones will constantly rage during this period, opting for a support group can be a wise decision. Being in company of people who know how you feeling is essential for your soul as a mother.
  • By the seventh week of pregnancy, you have to b e careful about taking care of yourself. There might be bleeding which is small in amount. But do not worry about it. If the bleeding is more or continues, contact with your doctor.

Bottom Line

When you are going through the 7th week phase, your baby will be developing faster. It is during this period that certain features including the face, mouth and tongue will begin to develop.  The eyes will also start forming with the lens and retina getting attached. The fetus is basically developing its unique blood group while the bones, organs and muscles continue growing. At this stage the intestines as well as the appendix are completely formed.

Remember that when you are 7 weeks pregnant, you can easily visualize your baby’s fingers and toes in ultrasound. Although they may not be visible yet, it is also during this time that the teeth and the baby’s tongue will be forming inside the mouth. 




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