8 Weeks Pregnant

The moment you are 8 weeks pregnant, you are likely to witness a lot of experiences. While most women would prefer to start their routine check up within the 6th and the 7th week, quite a good number of practitioners would recommend the 8th week or after missing two menstrual periods.

By this eighth week of pregnancy, the second month of your pregnancy is going to end. Now you may feel like you are pregnant for real. If you have gone to your doctor you may have seen your growing baby.

Symptoms and Body Changes of Mother at 8 Weeks Pregnant

A pregnant woman may show the following physical changes and symptoms:

  • Uterus of mother enlarges as the baby grows
  • Breasts become more heavier, sensitive
  • Veins around the breast may enlarge in size
  • The skin around the nipple begin to darken and the nipples become larger
  • There might be some discharge from nipples which is normal
  • One may experience cramping pain in abdomen due to the growth of the uterus
  • Increased sense of smell, sometimes to those which you did not like before
  • Presence of nausea, vomiting
  • You may have less bowel movement causing constipation
  • By this week your belly may not enlarged in size but you may gained about 2 to 4 pounds of weight.

You have to remember that, these physical changes and symptoms could be a little bit more painful, if you are having twins. In that case it’s all normal. Because you have extra pregnancy hormones and your body needs to adjust.

Development of the Baby at 8 Weeks


By this eighth week you’re your baby also grows and has some developments.

  • It is about 0.6 inch long and weighs about 1 to 1.2 grams.
  • The nose is clearly visible
  • The mouth is also clearly visible
  • The fingers and toes are webbed now
  • Formation of bones, intestines
  • The heartbeat could be seen on a ultrasound and you may hear the heart sound

Week 8 Pregnancy Tips

Women are fond of buying maternity bras before even thinking of their dresses or baby clothes. Thus, if you are going in for one, ensure it is above the normal size so as to be able to accommodate your constantly enlarging breasts.

While the growth rate varies from one woman to another, it is good to be ready for any significant change in the size of breasts and the belly. Besides, it is also important to keep acquainted with what you need to do during this time of expectancy and therefore buying pregnancy books could be a wise idea.

Drowning yourself into these books is critically important as it helps to boost your self esteem, besides keeping you updated on the changes occurring. Share the reading experience with your spouse or children to make them feel more attached to the unborn.

As matter of fact, you will be taken in for blood grouping, total counts, HIV, Hepatitis B and other pregnancy related test.  Thus, the moment you take your 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you will be able to understand the changes and as such, you will definitely need to purchase you maternity outfit. For a better pregnancy period, dwelling on your vitamins is critically essential.




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