Benefits of Breastfeeding

For a healthy baby breast feeding is the ‘Gold standard’ feeding. The baby does not need anything else even a drop of water rather than breast milk for the first six months of life. Here we will know about the importance of breastfeeding. And it must be told that breast feeding provides benefit not only to the baby but also to the mother.

Benefits of breastfeeding for baby

  • Breast milk is a ready food and available for any time in a day.

  • It is available at body temperature which is perfect for the baby and it is free of cost

  • There is no risk of allergy

  • Breast milk contains all the nutrients including carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals that are needed for the baby’s development for the first six months

  • It also satisfies the thirst of the baby

  • It helps in developing the eyes and brain with other body systems

  • Sucking action of the baby helps with jaw development

  • It provide immunity to several infectious diseases

  • It reduces the risk of childhood obesity

  • It contains a range of factors that protect the baby while their immune system is still developing

  • It has  laxative action

Benefits of breastfeeding for mom

  • It causes to release a hormone which helps the uterus to reduce in size and helps in reducing the risk of bleeding (Post Partum Hemorrhage) after delivery.

  • Acts as a natural contraception to the mother.

  • Reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

  • It burns some extra calories of your body and thereby helps in losing weight.

  • Psychological benefit of mother-child bonding.

  • Prolongs the amount of time before next period again.

Bottom Line

You see there are various benefits of breastfeeding for both the mother and the baby. So, each and every mother should practice breastfeeding.

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