Early signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy signs are different from one woman to another. The most common early sign of pregnancy is the missing period. But it’s not mandatory, missing period always indicates pregnancy. Before missing period a woman may also experience some other signs of pregnancy. To become pregnant, it’s not always necessary that a woman will experience each and every sign of pregnancy.

Common signs of pregnancy

In most of the cases the common symptoms of a pregnancy is a missed period; that is your normal period schedule will be broken. Suddenly you will experience that you just missed you normal date of your period. Other early signs of pregnancy are-

  • Morning sickness
    It is abroad term used for pregnancy symptoms. After being pregnant you may experience vomiting or a feeling to vomit, increased frequency of urination, fatigue etc

  • Changes in breast
     Breasts become larger, tender, the nipples and area around nipples become dark.

  • Increased vaginal discharge

  • Feeling tired

  • Having a strange taste in mouth

  • Mood swing

Can you tell if your pregnant after 1 week ?

As a typical menstrual period is of 28 days and ovulation occurs usually at 14th day of a cycle, so ‘1 week after being pregnant’ can be said as ‘3 week after last menstruation’. It is difficult to say that a woman is pregnant at 1st week, as fertilization usually takes place during 2nd week of gestation. But a urine strip test might be positive for pregnancy at first week (less chance).

What are signs of pregnancy at 2 weeks?

At 2nd week of pregnancy some women shows some symptoms such as-

  • Pain at breasts:
    Your breasts will become to enlarge in size and you may feel some pain in the breasts.

  • Nausea:
    You will feel of vomiting. It happens several times a day, but occurs mainly at morning.

  • You may feel tired and sleepy
Bottom Line

It might be tough for you, if you experiencing the pregnancy for the first time to recognize these early signs of pregnancy. So to be sure we always recommend, taking a pregnancy test.  



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