Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth

To become a mother is the most precious thing in the world. After you become pregnant you have to plan where you will deliver your baby. There are some options but most people prefer two options which are home birth and hospital birth. To make the right decision here we discuss of advantage and disadvantage of home birth vs. hospital birth.

Home birth

When a delivery is done at home instead of a hospital or delivery centre is known as home birth. There are various types of birth process. It could be attended or unattended. It also can be planned on unplanned.

If you have previous c-section or having multiple pregnancies, you should not plan for a home delivery. You might have some pregnancy related complications also, such as-

• High Blood Pressure

• Baby is not in right position

• Less fetal movement

• Per vaginal bleeding before delivery

• If you are short stature

In these cases you should plan for a hospital delivery, because the appropriate measures can be taken at hospital setting at any moment.

Home birth pros and cons



You will get a comfortable environment both physically and psychologically, as you are accompanied by your family members.


You will feel less stress as you are in your home


You can choose your comfortable position


You can maintain your cultural considerations


No medication is given


Least cost


The hospital acquired infections can be prevented



During delivery you may face some problems, such as- obstructed labor, prolonged labor, post partum bleeding, birth asphyxia, retained placenta, birth injury to you or baby.


If any complication arises it will be difficult to solve at home settings and the baby’s life and/or mothers life will be in danger

“Home birth is planned, when you have taken necessary steps for delivery at home. If you did not plan for a delivery or the delivery happens all on a sudden during your daily work, it is unplanned home birth. You can plan for a home delivery but at first you should contact with your Doctor or other health provider. The doctor will discuss with you about the possible outcomes or complication of a home delivery.”

Hospital birth

If you plan for your delivery at hospital, is called hospital birth. Usually it is recommended by government or by doctors to delivery at hospital. It is safer for you and your baby. If you have health insurance it’s more convenient for you.

Hospital birth pros and cons



It is the safest place for delivery, as you may develop any complications during delivery


In case of any emergency you can undergone a cesarean section delivery, as there is operating room available at hospital


If you want a painless delivery you can get it here


If you are covered by insurance you will get the advantage of it, and there will be less cost


As hospitals have support for newborn babies, you will get immediate service if your baby needs.



You may feel uncomfortable as you are with unknown peoples and in unfamiliar environment


Your privacy may not well maintained


You may have to go through your doctor’s decision about your delivery


There may be chance of hospital acquired infection


These are the key aspects of home birth Vs hospital birth you have to consider, when you take a decision about where you going to plan a birth. If you are planning for a home birth but during the delivery you may face some complications such as your pain does not progress, baby is stuck at birth canal, excessive bleeding, placenta is not delivered for which you must be transferred to the hospital for proper management.



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