16 Weeks Pregnant

You are now 16 weeks pregnant, and by this time you are going to end the fourth month of your pregnancy. A lot of changes have occurred in these four months to both you and your baby. As such, it is time to revisit your healthcare facility for another antenatal checkup. This is very important as you will be trying to ensure that nothing bad happens in the course of your pregnancy.

Symptoms and Body Changes of Mother at 16 Weeks

You are going to experience body changes with some symptoms, including:

  • Pain in the back
  • Enlargement of your breasts
  • Your gum may be swollen and even there might be gum bleeding
  • The membranes of your nose swells, which may cause congestion or even nose-bleeding
  • As blood flow in the breast increases, the veins become more visible
  • Feeling of an increased weight in the womb
  • Constant stretching and expansion of waistline
  • Weight gain of about five to ten pounds
  • More blackening of the nipple, areola, moles in your body

There are some good symptoms too. Just like, your hair and nail will grow faster, your skin will glow. Some women find these symptoms helpful.

Baby Development at 16 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby continues to develop. At this sixteenth week your baby is as big as an avocado.

  • The baby is about 4.5 inches in length and about 3.6 ounces in weight
  • The facial muscles of the baby starts to move, so the baby can now make facial expressions
  • There is no fat below the skin; hence, translucent at the moment
  • Development of the genitals occurs
  • The urinary and circulatory systems are functioning.

“In this week, you may feel gas or muscle twitch. Actually these are baby movements in your belly. After sometime this will become normal. Pregnancy comes with a lot of complications and for most women; this phase is like a turning point.”

Bottom Line

The moment you are 16 weeks pregnant and as your breasts increase in size, it is good to wear comfortable bras and maternity clothes. If you have stuffed nose, go to your doctor. Take care of your gums to prevent any complication. Eat extra food for your baby as well. You do not want to risk your life and that of the baby; hence, ensure to seek medical attention any time you feel unwell. Remember to keep track of how many months you are left with before delivery.




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