20 Weeks Pregnant

You have just hit the half mark of your pregnancy and even the size of your belly tells it all. By this time, you should have already known the gender of the baby. This revelation should completely set up your mind. May be you already have a choice of names and only waiting for the appropriate time to let them out of your mouth. Well, being on the halfway mark of your journey, it is actually the right time for you to begin putting final touches on your baby registry.
Congratulation! As you are in twentieth week of pregnancy, you are half way done with your whole pregnancy journey. Well, besides the excitement that comes with this stage of pregnancy, there are various changes both you and the baby are experiencing.

20 Weeks Pregnant Physical Changes and Symptoms

  • Short women may experience breathing problems
  • The kid’s developmental process has reached a point that it is exerting more pressure on the internal organs, causing breathing difficulties
  • The upper part of your uterus and the belly button becomes parallel
  • Weight gain of about fifteen pounds occurs
  • Expansion of waistline is recorded
  • Heartburn, itching may frequently occur

By this time, you must be feeling quite exhausted. Well, it is high time you named your baby. This will also freshen up your mind a little bit.  

20th Week of Pregnancy Ultrasound

  • The baby weighs about 10 ounces and is slightly above 6 ½ inches in length
  • The developmental process of the baby has currently stalled, but will increase again as from this week onward
  • You may feel the baby moving the womb more regularly
  • The baby’s lungs are yet to fully develop, but still, it can breathe
  • A dark, greenish, sticky substance referred to as meconium is released
  • The meconium is produced from various cells including the amniotic fluid
  • Fine hair covers the baby’s body

20th Week Pregnancy Tips

“Considering that your baby’s sense of hearing is fully developed by this week, it is therefore recommended that you avoid noisy environments at all costs. This is essential in the sense that the baby needs ample time to sleep as it supposed for 20 hours on average daily. Incorporate plenty of iron into diet, as the baby uses much of the iron. Dark fruits and vegetables, eggs, chicken, spinach, and other leafy vegetables are all good sources of iron.”

Bottom Line

20 weeks pregnant in months is definitely 4 and reaching this mark is a milestone. The most important point to note is for both of you to remain healthy and strong in order to cover the remaining period. By the time you realize that you have actually come from far, then you will know how important it is to be close to your healthcare provider. Make sure to follow all the recommendations provided by your doctor to avoid complications.




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