24 Weeks Pregnant

Looking at your pregnancy, the baby is pretty fine. The problem is that you are going through stressful times trying to overcome some discomforts associated with late-pregnancy at 24 weeks pregnant. This could include leg cramps, swollen ankles and other related complications, thereby making your movement a big concern. However, you just need to hang onto that as you count your days.

Maintaining your regular antenatal check-ups to find out existence any delivery complications is ideal. You should do a glucose test to check for pregnancy related diabetes, which usually occur during the twenty fourth week of pregnancy. Almost 2–5 percent of expectant mothers develop this type of diabetes, so this test should be done in between the twenty fourth and twenty eighth week of your pregnancy.

24 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Body Changes of Mother

  • The mother experiences Braxton Hicks contractions, which is due to the tightening of the uterus and it happens from time to time. It will disappear if you change your position
  • Constant stretching of the skin around abdomen and breasts, and becomes dry and itchy
  • Some women exhibit dry eyes
  • With the growth of uterus and its supporting structures such as the round ligament, pain may be felt.

At this time, most likely you are having some complications. But you need to cheer up for your baby. It is time for you to manage and brave the difficult circumstances. Always remember that if you are healthy, your baby is healthy too.

Baby Development at 24 Weeks

  • The length of the baby is almost one foot and weighs about 1 ½ pounds
  • Development of the brain continues
  • Development of taste buds and lungs continues
  • Cells of the lungs produce a chemical referred to as surfactant which will help to inflate the baby’s little lungs when it finally comes out of the womb
  • With the eyes still shut, babies use their hands and feet to maneuver and develop their own sense of touch.

24 weeks pregnancy tips

  • It is actually time you took your glucose challenge test
  • Plan your 24-week prenatal appointment
  • This is the most appropriate time to start baby-proofing your home

Bottom Line

What is 24 weeks pregnant in months? Well, you are in your Fifth month of pregnancy and in case you are an employee, time has now come for you to contact your superior to let them know about the developments. Having guess by simply looking at your belly may not be enough. You need to actually inform them that you are due in for maternity leave. Do not forget to consume enough well-balanced diet. Besides, you will also need to have enough rest.




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