42 Weeks Pregnant

This phase of pregnancy is referred to as post-term. Quite a few mothers are lucky to reach the 42 weeks pregnant mark. Don’t feel irritated when someone inquires about the whereabouts of your kid and the reason why you are yet to get induced. Each expectant mother and baby is unique and delivery date is only an approximation. What you need to understand is that at times, the dates are never correct as well. In this case, if you happen to make it to this end, there is actually nothing wrong about it. You should also understand that most of the babies are born during the final days of the 42nd week.

By this week, you have just completed your third trimester. Not all women give birth to their babies by the exact due date. There might be some pre-term or post-term delivery. Don’t worry, it is normal; just maintain your contact with your doctor. The doctor may give you an induction of your labor.

Symptoms and Body Changes of Mother at 42 Weeks Pregnant

Usually, the symptoms and body changes at this stage are more or less the same as the previous week –

  • Pelvic discomfort as the baby moves down within your belly.
  • Difficulty in sleeping due to enlarged abdomen.
  • Leg cramps, frequent urination.
  • There might occur pain that continues and increases in intensity.
  • There might be some sign of labor: mucous plug, bloody discharge, leakage of your water, regular contractions etc.

Developments of the Baby at Forty-Second Weeks

  • Usually, no new development occurs during the forty-second week except some weight gain resulting from the increased baby weight.
  • The baby is fully developed and all the organs are working independently except for the brain and lungs.
  • The baby is now about 20.3 inches in length and weighs about 8.2 pounds.
  • As the baby is larger in size, there is less space for the movement of the baby.
  • Production of amniotic fluid may stop.
  • The hair, nails grows in length.
  • The baby may pass the meconium, (the baby’s first stool).

Tips for the 42nd Week of Pregnancy

“During the forty-second week of pregnancy, you should be more careful about tracking the movements of the baby. You may ask your doctor for induction of labor or you could risk caesarean section delivery.”

Bottom Line

If the delivery does not occur during the 42 weeks pregnant mark, your delivery will be termed as post-dated delivery. Then you should contact with your doctor to induce the labor. Usually the delivery occurs within 42 weeks. So, do not worry; take rest, look after the movement of your kid.



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