Baby Jogger Summit X3 Reviews: Buyers’ Feedback Is Interesting

Baby Jogger created its first jogging stroller in 1984. The founders were inspired to find ingenious solutions for jogging with their children. The company has moved beyond making jogging strollers to creating infant car seats, travel systems, and other travel accessories. These Baby Jogger Summit X3 Reviews include both single and double strollers that the company supplies.

A Baby Jogger Summit X3 2016 Single Stroller Review


The single jogging stroller has two 16” rear wheels and one front 12” wheel. The front wheel has a coupler mounted on the handlebar. The design makes it easy to transform the jogger into a stroller mode. Your baby will enjoy the large adjustable canopy coupled with peek-a-boo windows. The stroller has side vents to improve circulation. One of the reasons why many parents love this stroller is that it is designed for all terrains. All the wheels have suspension systems that keep the ride smooth even on bumpy roads. Also, you can fold the stroller with one hand because of its quick-fold technology.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Vs Mountain Buggy


An alternative single jogging stroller that may interest you is the mountain buggy stroller. It has premium features that include a three-position swivel lock for the front wheel and a shock absorption system. It has a one-hand control squeeze braking system for maximum control in bumpy terrains and hilly adventures. One reason why this stroller appears in many Baby Jogger Summit X3 Reviews is the collection of accessories. You get an additional rear wheel, two bottler holders, and a reversible liner among other accessories. The stroller is perfect for a newborn with sufficient storage, a mesh pocket, and a water-resistant fabric.

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Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Reviews

Baby jogger summit x3


Smoothly stroll







  • Parking brake system
  • Superior canopy
  • Deep seat recline


  • Weight is not evenly distributed

We acknowledge that many parents have more than one child to bring along when jogging. If you fit in this category, you need a best double jogging stroller. Here, we have reviewed for you the pros and cons of the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double jogging stroller.


  • You can lock the front wheel remotely. Folding the stroller for storage is equally easy. You just need to pull the straps and the stroller folds itself.
  • The stroller has rear drum brakes to increase safety and control when on hilly terrains.
  • The double stroller has a superior canopy for sun protection. You can easily check on your child through the peek-a-boo window. The window is also adjustable to different positions.
  • You can recline the seats to a near flat position when the baby wants to sleep. The vents and retractable cover will keep the baby comfort at all times.
  • You will need a firm grip on the handlebars when carrying two children. Luckily, the stroller has durable and rubber-coated handlebars that can withstand the pressure.


As is prudent, this Baby Jogger Summit X3 Review also includes the shortcomings of the stroller. We found a few drawbacks with the double strollers.

  • The handlebars are not adjustable. This means that the stroller may be uncomfortable for some parents if their height does not match the stroller’s height.
  • The weight is not evenly distributed when carrying one child.
  • The stroller has a large storage compartment that is difficult to access.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Vs City Mini GT​


Baby Jogger offers the City Mini GT as an alternative double stroller. Both the Summit X3 and City Mini GT stroller are within the same price range. Most of the features are similar including the weather shield, easy-to-fold design, child tray, and a suspension system for the wheel. Both strollers are fit for all terrains. However, the Summit X3 stroller is slighter larger and more spacious than the City Mini GT. The brake system for the Summit X3 is both hand and foot while that of City Mini GT is exclusive a hand brake system.

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Reviews From Amazon Buyers

“Buyers are happy with the lightweight frame, flexible front wheel, and braking systems. Parents can monitor their child with a glance. The reclining position is comfortable enough for the child to fall asleep. Some parents also loved the easy to fold and unfold design. However, some buyers are unhappy with the position and size of the cargo space. Balancing the stroller is also a challenge for some parents because of the uneven weight distribution.”


We have provided objective Baby Jogger Summit X3 Reviews for both single and double jogging strollers. We have also compared different products to ease your decision. Based on feedback from other buyers, you are unlikely to go wrong with either the single or double stroller from Baby Jogger.

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