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Two families, Chesal and Wernick, founded Baby K’tan in 2007. The families had been friends for years and had one thing in common. They had children with special needs and required a comfortable and healthy way of carrying the children. The couples failed to find the perfect solution in the market and decided to start their line of carriers. The Baby K’tan Reviews herein discuss the company’s active and breeze wraps.

Baby K'tan Original




Easy To Use





  • Ergonomic design
  • Breathable fabric
  • Multiple carrying positions


  • one size does not fit both
  • Finding the right size of wrap

Babywearing promotes your child’s health and development. Babies worn in wraps are often happier and feel secure. The Baby K’tan Original wrap carrier has a double-loop design to keep the baby safe. It is made of breathable cotton material and offers multiple carrying positions. It is light and comes in different sizes to fit all parents. Wearing the baby in the wrap is hassle-free with no confusion or excess fabric to handle. The major shortcoming of the wrap is that you must get your exact size to use it comfortably.

Baby K’tan Original Buyers’ Feedback On Amazon

Moms love the wrap because of the easy and hassle-free design. The wrap is breathable, light, and stretchy. It is machine washable and fit for prematurely born babies and infants. However, some buyers complain that the wrap becomes uncomfortable after using it for a long time. The weight calculator provided is not accurate and, therefore, you may need to get a bigger size than you would usually use. 

Baby K'tan Breeze Vs Active

In addition to the original wrap, Baby K’tan has other two baby wraps that are popular in the market. We compare the Baby K’tan active wrap with the breeze wrap. Let us start with the Baby K’tan active baby wrap.

Baby K'tan Active Review



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Easy To Use

Baby K'tan Active Pros

Your baby’s comfort, safety, and health must always come first when shopping for a carrier or wrap. No matter what you read, prioritize your baby’s needs, especially the first few months after birth. Baby K’tan’s baby wrap is a reliable carrier, but you need to consider both its pros and cons. The benefits of using the wrap include:

  • It has a double-loop design that is ready to wear. It has stretch slips that fit in like a t-shirt. You can put it on even without following any manual or watching a video.
  • The design ensures the maximum safety of your child at all times. The baby is held close to you, and you do not have to worry about them slipping when you bend over.
  • Most wraps are limited to two or three carrying positions. One of the things you will read on Baby K’tan Reviews from buyers is the multiple carrying positions. The wrap has five carrying positions. It is easy to switch between positions.
  • Baby K’tan active wrap does not have a size or weight limit. Both petite and plus-size parents can use the wrap. The age and weight of the baby do not matter as long as you are comfortable.
  • Many parents avoid using wraps because of excess heating. The mesh material reduces moisture and heat for both the parent and the child’s comfort.
  • It has wide fabric loops for hip health and head support for the baby. You can also use the carry bag to provide additional cushioning or support to the baby.

Baby K'tan Active Cons

  • The wrap has a ready-to-use design. Unlike other wraps, you cannot customize it to fit both parents. If one size does not fit both, each parent will have to purchase one that fits.
  • The design works for newborns but as your baby adds more weight, the wrap becomes uncomfortable.

Customer Reviews Of Baby K'tan Active Wrap On Amazon

Positive Reviews

Buyers loved the ease of getting the wrap on and off. Unlike other wraps that need manuals and videos to use, moms and dads learn to use it on the first day. Positive Baby K’tan Reviews from buyers also complimented the breathable fabric. The mesh fabric is a plus on hot days because the baby stays cool and calm. The wrap is light, comfortable, and easy to keep clean. Moms were also happy about the coral color.

Negative Reviews

The material stretches just enough to keep the baby comfortable. Some moms found it a bit stiff when the baby is small. Another concern was about selecting the right size. The wrap comes in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Many buyers ended buying a size smaller or larger.

Baby K'tan Breeze Reviews



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An alternative wrap that you can purchase within the same price range is the Baby K’tan Breeze wrap. The wrap has similar features as the Baby K’tan active wrap including the double-loop design and breathable mesh material. The wrap is also ergonomic with no limits in terms of age and weight of the baby. However, the Baby K’tan breeze wrap is 100% cotton (all-natural fabric) while the active wrap is 100% polyester.

Positive Customer Feedback From Amazon

Buyers on Amazon leave positive Baby K’tan Reviews because of the ergonomic design. The baby wrap is breathable and hence fit to use in all seasons. It is safe and comfortable for newborns of all ages.

Negative Customer Feedback Of This Product

Most of the parents that did not like the wrap complained about the size, especially plus-size moms. The baby wrap did not fit properly as expected or described by the supplier.

Safety Considerations And Conclusion

Baby K’tan wrap is a secure, comfortable, and snuggly carrier. You can use it from birth to 35lbs. It has an easy-to-wear design and fits all sizes for parents. The wrap comes in five sizes and has five carrying positions as well. Most of the Baby K’tan Reviews on Amazon mention the breathable fabric, which is perfect for summer. The ergonomic design guarantees you hip-healthy and maximum support for your baby.

Our Verdict

The breeze wrap is larger and heavier than the active wrap, which is an advantage for parents with large body frames. Both wraps are machine washable but the active wrap dries faster. Also, the active wrap fully meshes while the breeze wrap partially meshes.

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