Britax B Agile Review with Real Buyer Feedback

Britax was established in 1938 in the UK. The company started with automotive equipment and accessories before switching to baby care products in the 1970s. Britax believes that parents should enjoy all life moments with their children. The company supplies strollers and infant car seats in different designs. The Britax B Agile review below discusses one of the best travel systems.

Britax b agile travel system


Stroller performance


Car seat Performance


Safety Ratings



  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Stroller is easy to fold


  • Stroller is hard to control on rough roads

Britax B Agile 2017 Review

Buying products from a well-established company like Britax is advisable. Such companies have tested different models over the years to supply premium travel systems. The features that make this travel system worth your consideration are outlined below.


  • The car seat is lightweight, safe, and comfortable. It has a deep foam lining that protects the child from any side impact. The base has an energy-absorbing system to reduce the force of a collision.
  • The stroller has a strong but lightweight frame, which makes it easy to carry. It has a one-hand design as well for easy storage. The stroller closes within seconds.
  • The stroller gives a flawless ride even on rough terrains with the all-wheel suspension system. The front swivel wheels make it easy to maneuver all terrains with the ultra-tight turning radius.
  • The centered-straps on the car seats pull and tighten easily. You can strap the baby to a safe position quickly. Connecting the car seat to the stroller is equally easy.
  • The lock-offs keep the infant car seat base secure. The seat is designed in a countered shell to minimize the space it occupies in your car.
  • The canopy speaks for itself. It is large enough to shield the baby from sun rays.
  • The travel system has sturdy brakes that enable you to control its movements easily.


Buyers give a negative Britax B Agile review for the following reasons:

  • The stroller is difficult to control on rough roads. Extra caution is necessary when using the stroller on such grounds to avoid accidents.

  • It is cumbersome to unlock the car seat from the stroller. Locking the car seat is easy but getting it out is quite a task.

Britax B Agile Review 2015


The Britax B agile 2017 system is an improved model of the 2015 travel system. The 2015 model has most of the safety features of the new model including the impact-absorbing base and a sturdy aluminum frame. The travel system has parking brakes on both rear wheels. It comes with a removable head pillow to keep an infant comfortable on the multiple reclining positions. The 2015 model also has a large canopy for protection against rain and sun rays. The Latch connectors are easy to use and the dual-level indicators ensure that you install the seat properly.

Loosening the straps on the harness system is easy. The handle on the stroller is padded for comfort. The price of the two models is the same but the 2015 model is a meadow in color while the 2017 model is black. Another difference that this Britax b agile review highlight is in the product weight. Both models are lightweight, but the 2017 model is much lighter than the previous model.

Feedback From Buyers On Amazon

We will now consider actual feedback from parents who have already purchased and used the 2017 Britax B Agile travel system:

Positive Reviews

“Buyers regard the travel system as super light and comfortable. The system is highly rated for its safety features, which is important to parents. The size of the car seats enables parents to fit more than one seat in their cars. Buyers also liked the large canopy that does not get in the way of carrying the car seat. The storage basket is also large enough to carry all the items needed on a trip. Maneuverability is good, and the suspension system cushions the baby from the impact of rough roads.”

Negative Feedback

Buyers who did not like the travel system complain that it is hard to push the stroller straight. The wheels may tend to move in all directions. The car seat may become unstable after using it for several months. Another buyer also felt that the handle is not sturdy enough.

Conclusion And Safety Considerations

After reviewing the features and feedback from customers, we recommend the Britax B Agile travel system. It has an ergonomic design and top safety features including an all-wheel suspension system. You can use it on all terrains. It is easy to assemble, connect, and fold. You can rely on this objective Britax B Agile review to decide whether or not to purchase this travel system.

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