The Most Effective Home Remedies For Fever In Babies

The fever is a situation where the body temperature is elevated. As such, the body uses this mechanism to safeguard itself against illness. Thus, it is an increase in temperature occurring due to the aggressiveness of the immune system following an invasion by viruses and microorganisms that could be harmful to the body. The good news is that there are various home remedies for fever in babies which you can apply should your baby or toddler catch the fever. 

Fever plays a critical role when it comes to combating disease or infection.

In normal cases, the body temperature stands at between 97 and 99° F; although it is subject to fluctuation during the day.

It is lower during the morning and higher during the afternoon hours.

Generally, fever basically temperature over 100° F and it should be more worrying when it rises to over 103° in adults and 102° F in children.

Fever is very important to the body as an indication of the immune system protecting it against injurious microbes.

At 103° F, the body stimulates to generate extra immune cells in adults.

Fever that goes beyond 104 is risky to persons with heart issues considering that the faster heartbeat will compel the heart to overwork and it can lead to irregular rhythms like chest pain or heart attack.

In case an individual experiences fever that is beyond 106° for a longer period, this may lead to water loss (dehydration) as well as brain damage.

During the workout, the muscles produce heat much faster causing a temporary temperature increase in the body before regaining shortly.

When To See A Doctor?

Most doctors consider an oral 99.5° F or above as the fever threshold temperature of 100.4 or above rectal temperature.

If you see a baby below the age of 3 months exhibiting body temperature at this level, you need to contact a doctor.

Call a doctor in case of body temperatures at 101 or above in children aged between 3 and 6 months.

In babies aged 6 months and above, you only need to contact a doctor in case the temperature rises to 102° F or over and lasts beyond two days.

If it rises to 103° F or over, see your doctor immediately.

Types Of Home Remedies For Fever In Babies


According to a research Acetaminophen can ease fever.

While you may want control fever in your baby, it is important to be extremely cautious as to the type of medication you want to use.

Before you think of home remedies fever 1 yr old, it is important to carefully read the dosing directions on the pack – dosage may vary depending on age and weight of the child.

The doctor will recommend the most appropriate dosage for your kid. Only use the provided measuring devices accompanying fever prescription.


Yet another common baby fever treatment at home is sponging.

Here, you will need to place your baby in bathtub with between 1 and 2 inches of lukewarm water (85° F-90° F) as recommends, Healthychildren.com.

Spread a coating of water over the baby’s legs, trunk and arms using a tidy washcloth.

In case the baby is shivering or feeling uncomfortable, remove them from the tub as shivering may aggravate the condition.

Avoid having alcohol added into the tub as this could result into your child going into a coma.


According to California Pacific Medical Center, ensuring babies with fever are properly dehydrated is very important.

Popsicle’s and iced drinks have been cited as one way of keeping babies calm and relaxed. During fever, children lose a lot of fluids through sweat.

It is therefore important to give them commercially produced electrolyte drinks to hydrate them and make them better.

Applying ayurvedic home remedies for fever in children is also ideal.

“Besides, you can also control your baby’s fever using ayurveda fever remedies. This is considered as one of the most efficient ways of supporting and improving the immune system. These include rubbing onion juice (fresh) on the baby’s naval part while protecting the brain using a cool cloth on the forehead.  Fresh orange or pomegranate juice is not only nutritious but a proper way of controlling fever. However, it can also be dangerous if taken in large quantities so you need to dilute it properly if it is to be taken daily.”

Bottom Line

While fever may be a cause for alarm in many parents, it is a sign of invasion and therefore calling for proper handling.

With various home remedies for fever in babies available, you should be able to pick what suits your child’s case well.

But, before anything else, ensure to seek advice from your healthcare provider


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