Lillebaby Complete Carrier Original Review

Lillebaby strives to supply baby products that bring functional style to parents. The company combines style with comfort and exceptional quality. The lead designer, Lisbeth Lehan, started the brand with a team of experts. The team included dads and moms who tested the carrier until they were sure of a complete product. The Lillebaby Complete Original Review below outlines many of the aspects of this great product.

Lillebaby Complete Original Carrier









  • Six carrying positions
  • Hip- healthy carrier
  • Storage


  • Expensive

Pros Of The Lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier

Is it possible to get a perfect baby carrier? Lillebaby’s complete original carrier is nearly perfect. Developed by a team of experts, it combines all the essential features you would want in a baby carrier. It has a few flaws but let us consider the positives first.

  • The carrier has six ergonomic carrying positions. The positions include back carry and hip carries from the back. From the front, you have the infant, fetal, toddler, and outward positions. You can change from one position to the other as your baby grows.
  • It has two large pockets for storage. You do not just carry your baby on a trip or walk, but everything else the baby needs, like toys, wipes, or snacks. You can pack everything you need with this ergonomic carrier.
  • It is adjustable, with an extendable torso and two-way straps. You will forget about shopping for baby carriers after this purchase. It is fit for both infants and toddlers. You just need to adjust the straps and change carrying positions for comfort.
  • The design is a hot topic among buyers. Its ergonomic design ensures that the weight distribution is even. Hence, you can walk or hike for a long distance without tension or pain in your back and shoulders.
  • It keeps the baby safe and comfortable. From the hood that shields the baby from hot sun rays or rain to the adjustable leg openings, you will feel assured that your baby is comfortable.
  • It fits all parents, from petite to plus-sized. The waist belt, side panels, and straps are adjustable to get a customized fit at different stages of the baby’s growth.

Cons Of The Lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier

Even with the nearly perfect design and comfort, the original Lillebaby complete carrier has a few flaws. These include:

  • The cotton material used is not of high quality. Extra caution is necessary when using and washing this carrier to extend its life.

  • The leg openings are adjustable, but not well-cushioned. The baby may be uncomfortable after a long trip.

  • The price is relatively high compared to other carriers with the same design, material, and features.

Lillebaby Complete Original Vs All Seasons


Shopping for a carrier includes comparing features and prices of different brands. The Lillebaby Complete Original vs All Seasons comparison includes two competitive brands from the same company. The All-Seasons carrier is an improvement on the original complete carrier. The new model has all the amazing features of the original with an addition of two adjustable seat combo, that is, wide and narrow seats. It also has a 3D mesh air panel for controlling the temperature. You can use it in any season and hence the name, all seasons. The additional features make it slightly more expensive than the original complete carrier.

Details About: Lillebaby All Seasons Carrier on Amazon

Relevant Customer Feedback On Amazon

Positive Comments

“Parents love the head support, adjustable and spacious hood, ergonomic design, and the six carrying positions. The carrier is suitable for infants without buying an infant insert. Buyers also complimented the ease of removing the waist strap when putting the baby to sleep. The buckle is easy and silent. The lumbar support pad and large front pocket were also part of positive reviews.”

Negative Comments

Petite parents complain that the carrier feels a little bigger even after adjusting the straps and waistband. Another concern is that the waistband feels stiff when trying to tighten it. The buyers recommend a more flexible waist belt in future products.

Final Remarks

The Lillebaby Complete Original Review is proof that you can get a nearly perfect carrier. It has all the essential features such as a comfortable seat, adjustable leg openings, head support, and roomy hood for the baby. The carrier has six carrying positions, a spacious front pocket, and is fit for infants. You might not need another carrier until your baby can walk.

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