postpartum exercise to reduce tummy

After delivery, a common question asked by the mothers- how to reduce the tummy?

The answer is you can do postpartum exercise to reduce  tummy. Postpartum exercise will help you to gain your pre-pregnant state by losing weight.

But after the delivery you will need about 6 to 8 weeks to recover fully from the delivery related physical and mental stress. During this time you should not do any heavy work. By the way, you will feel tiredness easily; so take rest as much you can.

How soon after giving birth can you exercise ?

You can start your exercise depends on your type of delivery. If you have a normal delivery-

  • Get complete rest for one week, then you can start walking, which is the best exercise.

  • You should avoid lifting heavier things,

  • Avoid straining

  • Avoid intercourse for about six weeks

If you have a cesarean section you have to take up exercise gradually. You have to wait up to your healing, which may be six weeks in duration. If you start exercise just after your c-section, it may hamper the healing process. Exercising just after c-section may cause a gap in the muscles of abdomen where stitches are given. But after healing process you can do some workout.

Types of postpartum exercises

Not only exercise will reduce your tummy, but also you have to lead a healthy lifestyle with healthy diet. In addition to exercise you can –

  • Breastfeed, because breastfeeding also helps in reducing in tummy. When you breastfed your baby it causes the reducing of your uterus, thus helping in reducing tummy size.

  • Walk, it is best to start with walking. You can try to walk for about 15 minutes daily, five days in a week. You can walk in a park or in sideways along with your baby in a push chair.

Best postpartum exercises

Although you can do this postpartum exercise to reduce tummy –

  • push-ups
  • crunches,
  • planks,
  • squats,
  • Leg raises etc.
Bottom Line

But, at first consult with your doctor whatever you can do some exercise or not. Avoid over diet or diets containing fat. Take proper rest. You can also try for Yoga, meditation to relieve from stress which in turn will help you to reduce belly fat.



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