Look Out For the Signs Baby Will Walk Soon

When a baby is born, it is actually hard to tell whether she/he will walk. However, with the time you start noticing certain signs baby will walk soon. Some try to support themselves on anything they can touch in order to make a move while they are months old. Others will begin walking the moment they can stand on their own feet. 

According to Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP (pediatrician), signs will start showing up and you should be patient in case they delay until after 15 months.

The first signs that the baby will walk soon

Parents are sometimes quick to give up when a baby does not walk in the first year. The following are the first signs to give you hope that indeed your little one is going to walk. 

  1. Pulling up – It is until your baby gets on to his or her feet that they can start moving. The moment you see them pulling themselves up then that is a good sign to watch.  Shu, articulates that most of them will start showing this sign upon reaching 8 months old and may take up to 3 months for them to stabilize.


  2. Fussing – Just like during the teething days, you will observe your baby becoming so fussy. Well, this is typical in babies whenever they enter a new development phase. Shu is quick to observe that baby who is likely to walk soon become so fussy during meals; so, as a parent, you should be ready for this.


  3. Sleeping for a longer period – If you see your baby taking longer than usual in their sleep, then, it shows they are preparing to put forward their first step. This should start at the age of 10 and 11 months.


  4. Behaving weirdly – The moment able is able to pull itself up, it becomes more curious regarding their balance. 

It is something to do with personality and not ability that will give you the signs baby will walk soon. Thus, you can start following each of the above signs to know if things around your baby are moving on well.

Is baby walking early sign of intelligence?

Baby-Walking-Early-Sign-Of- Intelligence-Image.jpg

The reason why parents panic when a baby delays in walking is the association with intelligence. One common belief or myth is that early walking is a sign of intelligence. This is far from the truth. Early walking has nothing to do with intelligence. This also means that late walking babies intelligence is not low. Your baby can start walking after 15 months but still beat others in intelligence. In fact, some late walking babies learn to speak very early.

Babies acquire mobility and intelligence differently. Sometimes babies have a steady structure but fear to make the first step. Early walking just shows the personality of the child. Your baby is willing to take risks and start exploring the environment early. The enthusiasm to learn every new environment will continue because is part of the baby’s personality.

How can I help my baby learn to walk?


It is normal to worry about a late walking baby but worrying does not help. You can help the baby overcome the fear of falling with a few tips. Make the learning process fun. Try to help the child stand without support and make balancing fun. You may not notice any signs baby will walk soon at the beginning but the signs will show with consistency.

Once the baby can stand for some seconds without support, stand a distance or across the room and encourage the baby to come to you. One important tip on how to encourage your baby to walk is to make the first step a big deal. Celebrate in a way the baby knows the first step was important. Train the baby to walk on a cushioned ground such a rag or carpet such that falling is safe. In addition, encourage the baby to stand longer than usual instead of sitting or lying down.


Some of the signs baby will walk soon to look out for include pulling up often, sleeping for longer hours, and unusual behavior. Sometimes it is so clear that the baby is trying to take a step. If you have a late walking baby, you can teach the baby to walk instead of worrying about the delay. The baby will not look back after taking the first few steps.