Simple Birth Plan

A birth plan can be described as making arrangements for delivery and essential care of the newborn baby. It should be done after communication with your doctor. Each and every pregnant woman should have a birth plan.

When a woman is pregnant, she thinks of her baby, plans for her baby. And she eagerly waits for the delivery to see her baby. So the delivery is an appreciable and enjoyable event to her. Before delivery each and every mother usually thinks about it. The birth plan usually means taking all preparations for a safe delivery. A mother starts to think about the safe delivery at about 30 weeks of pregnancy. If you have not planned yet, then it is time for you, make your plan, and ensure a safe delivery.

In the next steps we are going to discuss the points of a simple birth plan:

Plan where you will go for delivery?

Delivery can be done at hospital or home. But a delivery should be done in a hospital or nursing home where a health professional is available. Do not try to delivery at home. Because, if any complication arises; that can affect the baby and the mother. So the place of delivery must be fixed earlier. You can go to that facility for once before your delivery, to take an ante natal checkup (ANC). If you are pregnant for the first time then you must go to the hospital rather than trying for home delivery.

What will be the transportation?

Fix the transportation process before delivery. The delivery pain may start at any time. So if you do not fix your transportation to hospital it may make you delay to reach to the hospital.

Fix a donor for emergency

If you don’t know your blood group, know it by this time. And fix someone who has the similar blood group and can donate for you. There might be excessive bleeding after your normal vaginal delivery or during cesarean section, and the donor is there for you at that time.

Who will be the Accompanying person ?

When the labor pain starts you will need someone who will accompany you to the hospital. Fix a person who can go with you at that time.

Do you need any equipment/object for physical and mental support?

When the labor pain starts, the first stage can continue for more than 12 hours. During this time you can talk to others or can listen to the music for relaxation.

What you want to drink during Labor?

Labor is a lengthy and strenuous process. During a labor process you will need a lot of energy, and your body will use up a lot of water. You should drink at least one cup of water in each hour during the first stage of labor. If you do not drink, you may suffer from dehydration and will be exhausted and the labor may be much longer and harder.

Cutting the cords

Cutting a cord should be sterile. When a baby is delivered you can keep the baby over your chest and then tie the cord near the baby with a suture material and cut it from placental side with a sterile blade and provide few drops of 7.1 % chlorhexidine on the cut portion of cord.

What type of care you want after delivery?

Just after delivery of the baby keep the baby in your chest in between your breasts. It will keep the baby warm and it will get the known environment. Also the mother will be assured that the baby is well and ok.

At night you can keep the baby at baby cot for the first few days, so you can take adequate rest. But it’s better to keep the baby with you, so that you can take care of the baby when needed.

Within 1 hour of delivery give the baby your breast milk. No other food, like sweet or honey or even a drop of water is needed. Continue the breast feeding as per baby’s need. If you find that your breast milk is not coming or not enough for your baby you can try for a baby formula. But always keep in mind that breast milk is the best food for your baby.

If you are a service holder you can express your breast milk and pour it in a bottle for your baby. At least the baby will get your breast milk.

What support do you need after discharge?

Before the discharge from hospital you will get a post natal checkup which is usually the 2nd check up. You have to get another two checkups after going home. Either you can get those at home by a midwife or you can go to the hospital.


Birth plan is not only for the mother, it is also for the baby. And this plan includes where you will have to perform your delivery, who will accompany you, how you will go to a hospital, you may develop pregnancy related complications, or there may be some conditions for which you have to go to the hospital.

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