Stages of Breast milk

Breast milk is a natural food for the baby produced by a woman. It provides all the essential nutrition of a baby during the first few months of life. It satisfies both the baby’s hunger and thirst at the same time. It also helps to create a bond between mother and the baby.

There are some stages of breast milk-

  • The first milk named as Colostrum
  • Transitional milk
  • Mature breast milk

Colostrum breast milk

It is the first milk produced in the breast. It appears in the breast at the end of a pregnancy and lasts for several days after the delivery. Usually the colostrum is yellowish in color and thicker than transitional or mature milk. But it may be thinner and orange in color.

The newborn can digest the colostrums easily. It has high protein, less fat, fat soluble vitamins, minerals and antibodies. Antibodies give immunity to your baby indirectly and provide protection against various diseases. It also has laxative function which helps to prevent neonatal jaundice. Colostrum continues for two to three days after delivery.

Transitional milk

Few days after delivery less dense milk section occurs this is named as transition milk. Actually it is the mixture of the colostrum and mature milk. It is the stage when the colostrum reduces in amount and mature milk appears. It lasts for a few days to week. It contains high levels of fat, lactose and water soluble vitamins. It contains more calorie than the colostrum. Feed your baby regularly to empty your breast and this will give you comfort.

Mature breast milk

The last stages of breast milk is mature milk.At the end of 2nd week the mature milk appears in the breast. According to American pregnancy association mature milk contains about 90% water. This water portion will satisfy the need of baby’s thirst and will prevent the dehydration. The rest 10% of mature milk consists of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

There are two types of mature milk-

Fore milk

It is secreted at the beginning when a baby starts to suck the nipple. The fore milk is thin, watery and lower in fats and calories.

Hind milk

It comes after the fore milk. It is thicker than fore milk and contains higher level of fat and calorie which is necessary for proper weight gain of the baby.

Bottom Line

These are the three stages of breast milk we discussed.  Breast milk includes sugar lactose and fat. That’s why many people described breast milk as sweet and creamy. It is a healthy diet for your baby.



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