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The company Tula started with a desire shared by two parents to find a perfect-fitting carrier for their child. The products in the market were uncomfortable even after several adjustments. The parents decide to create their carrier and then started crafting them for friends and family. The family business has now grown to be a large brand, with booth reliable wraps and baby carriers. Tula carriers are designed to suit both dads and moms. In this particular review, we discuss the company’s standard baby carrier.

Tula Baby Carrier




Easy To Use





  • Light in weight
  • You can adjust it quickly
  • versatile


  • Color is not gender-neutral
  • It quickly becomes dirty

Pros Of The Baby Tula Standard Baby Carrier

Purchasing a baby carrier may seem complicated because of the many choices you have in the market. Carriers come with a variety of features as companies try to make their products stand out in the market. At the end of the day, you need a carrier that combines quality, style, and comfort for you and your child. Tula’s standard baby carrier meets this description. Here are some of the benefits of buying this carrier:

  • The carrier is safe and comfortable. It has an ergonomic M-position baby seat that is safe for the developing body. The shoulder straps are well padded to give you maximum comfort around the neck and shoulder.
  • It can be adjusted to fit multiple wearers. The shoulder straps allow dual adjustment for parents. Also, adjustments are quick and easy.
  • You can use the carrier for an infant with an infant insert and continue with it to toddler-hood. Whenever you read a Tula baby carrier review or any other review, check the weight limit. For a standard baby carrier, the limit is 15-45 pounds. It will work for you as long as your baby’s weight is within this range.
  • The material is light, durable, and breathable. The carrier is hand-made of certified canvas that allows enough air circulation as you carry your child. It weighs one pound.
  • You can carry the baby at the front or the back. Both positions are comfortable for the baby.

Cons Of The Standard Baby Carrier

The standard carrier has the basic features that parents look for in a carrier. However, it has a few shortcomings as outlined below.

  • The carrier is adjustable to serve you from birth to toddlerhood. However, you must buy the baby insert separately for a newborn.
  • The color is not gender-neutral and requires frequent cleaning. Dads may feel uncomfortable walking around in the carrier.
  • The carrying positions are limited to the front and back, with the baby facing the parent. Buyers that leave a Tula baby carrier review prefer multiple carrying positions.

Tula Baby Carrier Vs Ergo


This Tula baby carrier vs Ergo comparison will help you choose the best carrier that meets your specific needs. The Ergo baby carrier is different in that is has more carrying positions including outward-facing at the front or back. It is made of 100% cotton, which is machine washable and available in black. The Ergobaby carrier comes with a hood for sun and rain protection and a large storage pouch. However, the carrier is near twice the price of the Tula standard carrier.

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Tula Baby Carrier Vs Lillebaby


If you need to look at one more carrier before making a purchase, consider the LILLEbaby carrier. A contrast of Tula baby carrier vs LILLEbaby reveals a big difference in design. The LILLEbaby carrier has six carrying positions, a removable hood, and a large storage pocket. The 3D mesh air panel allows you to use it in all seasons. The baby seat, hood, and side panels are easily adjustable. The complete design comes at a higher price than that of the standard Tula carrier.

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Reviews From Amazon Buyers

Positive Reviews

“Amazon customers have given many reviews of the product. Satisfied customers talk about the adjustable elements and comfort that the carrier offers. The carrier fits plus size women with a few adjustments. The price is fair given the features of the carrier. Other customers liked the detachable hood, padded buckles, and light material.”

Negative Reviews

Dissatisfied customers talked about the small pocket for carrying baby essentials and limited carrying positions. Others preferred that the carrier came with a baby insert instead of buying it separately. It cannot be used for newborns without the insert.


The Tula standard carrier is comfortable, safe, and cost-effective. You can buy an insert and start using it from birth to toddlerhood. It is light, breathable, adjustable, and durable. The pros, cons, customer feedback, and comparisons in this Tula Baby Carrier Review will help you make a quick purchase.



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