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Child Safety - When Can Baby Sit In Stroller Without Car Seat?

Whenever you are traveling with your baby in the car, it is critically vital to think of their safety as well. In this case, when can baby sit in stroller without car seat? As it were, picking the correct stroller is the first step when it comes to stroller safety. Thus, you should understand what you are looking for in a stroller and how to ensure the safety of your little ones. 

As a parent, you will definitely want to acquire a stroller for your kid. Now, how do you settle for what suits your child’s safety needs from the array of models and stroller types? The first thing you need understanding is the right stroller for your child as well as the essential safety tricks.  

What Do I Need to Consider During Stroller Selection?

Below are some of the things to bear in mind before picking a stroller for your little ones:

  • Your setting – In case you reside in the proximity or within a town, you will definitely want a strong stroller for maneuvering along the pavements. You may also wish to fold your stroller in order to board a bus or pass through a channel. Hence, you will well off if you choose a stroller you can easily fold and fit into the booth of the vehicle.
  •   Family type – It is likely that you will need either a double stroller or one that has an attachment to accommodate your older child in case of any. It is also important to go through the manufacturer’s weight guidelines before using the attachment. 
  • Your way of life (lifestyle) – A stroller with an umbrella could be ideal when traveling on running errands. If you are planning to jog along with your baby, then you would want to pick a jogging stroller as well.  
  • Accessories – You may want to choose a stroller that incorporates a rain cover, storage basket, cup holder, sunshade, or blanket. Go for what fits your needs. 

So, when can baby sit in stroller without car seat? Well, following the above trips, you can easily deduce when it is safe for you to place your baby in a stroller without necessarily thinking of a baby car seat.

When can baby sit in an umbrella stroller comfortably?

You will find many designs of umbrella strollers in the market. An umbrella stroller is fit even for a newborn as long as it reclines fully. Check if the make has suspension features as well. If a stroller does not have the two features, it is likely to hurt a newborn. If you are unsure about your baby’s comfort, wait until the baby turns 4 to 6 months. You can use any umbrella stroller at this age. 

When can baby sit in stroller without car seat chicco

Most baby stroller comes with a car seat for newborns. The car seat ensures that the baby is safe through a trip because of the tiny frame. However, as the baby increases in size, the car seat becomes unnecessary because the baby can sit comfortably on a stroller. One guide to answering the question, “when can baby sit in a stroller without car seat?” is to consider the manufacturer’s recommendation. Chicco recommends that parents use most of their stroller without a car seat after the age of 6 months. The harnesses on the stroller fit the baby perfectly.

When can baby sit in Graco stroller without car seat

Graco is a reliable supplier of baby strollers. The company also recommends that you use a car seat until the baby is 5 to 6 months. While the age is recommended, remember that every baby’s structure is different. Bigger babies are sometimes ready to use the stroller without the seat at 4 months. The most important thing is that the baby is comfortable and in a secure position.

Taking newborn in stroller


Getting outside with the baby in fresh air is good for both mom and baby. It will provide health benefits to babies. After birth you can take your baby outside, there is no need to wait for 2 months or more. As long as you follow some basic safety you can go outside with your baby every day.

At the initial stage, you can use an infant carrier, later on; you can shift your baby to a stroller.

If you are planning to use a stroller for taking your newborn outside. You need to select an appropriate stroller that reclines fully. There are some jogging strollers that are not appropriate for a newborn. As these strollers are not reclining fully, you can’t use these strollers until your baby becomes 6 months old. 

Before going outside with your baby make sure you will take all baby essentials.

  • Where to stroll with the baby?

It is fine to go out with your baby in a quiet place. Always try to avoid places where crowds are very large. Local Park can be a good option to stroll with your baby. Your very first outing with the baby should relatively short. It should be around half an hour. Later on, you can gradually lengthen the period.

  • When is the best time to stroll with your baby?

You can take out your baby, even if it is winter. But make sure it is not too cold and windy.  Before going out in winter, dress-up your baby in layers as it keeps him warm. Make sure his body is fully covered.

In the summertime, early morning is the ideal time to stroll with your baby. If the weather is milder, your baby will enjoy sleeping outside in a stroller. For a hot day dress-up your baby with a lightweight garment.

Always choose a stroller that has a long hood protector. That will protect your baby from the wind and sun.


Ergobaby 180 is an ideal stroller for a newborn. The stroller is lightweight and comfortable for the baby. It has 4 wheels, which is easy to move. The stroller is simple and easy to use. You can fold this stroller with one hand. The stroller has many remarkable features. 


Always use the brake of the stroller even on a flat road. That will stop the roll of the stroller, in case your baby moves. 


The answer to the question “when can baby sit in stroller without car seat” lies in the baby’s age and the stroller’s design. The car seat helps newborns to stay in the position with the well-fitting harness. If you want to use the stroller with the car seat, you may need to wait until 4 to 6 months depending on your baby’s weight and size.