40 Weeks Pregnant

Yes, this could just be your week. We understand how much you have been longing to hold your baby in your hands. Being 40 weeks pregnant is such an exciting moment for any woman. However, it could also come with a lot of challenges, so always be ready in case of any eventualities. But in the meantime, you can still hang on as you reminiscence the far you have come.

You and everybody else are ready for the newborn but this may call for some more waiting. You may think that the baby is due in are scheduled, but things could be altered a bit. The most important thing you need to do in case there is still no sign of labor by this week is to keep on preparing for its imminent arrival. It is just a matter of time and the baby will be here right in your arms. What you need to understand is that some pregnancies may extend beyond the 40th week forcing the doctor to start thinking of labour induction.

Symptoms and Body Changes of Mother at 40 Weeks Pregnant

  • Increased pain due to pressure caused by the amount of weight gained.
  • Irregular contractions occurs, sometimes it may be a false labour pain.
  • A white substance may begin to come out from nipples.
  • Cramps throughout the entire body continue.
  • Experiencing difficulties in moving or sleeping.
  • You may suffer from leg cramps, back pain, abdominal tightening, sleeping difficulties.

Baby At 40 Weeks

  • The baby is just waiting for its delivery to the new world.
  • All internal organs are functioning.
  • Almost all reflexes such as sucking and rooting are fully developed.
  • All the baby’s body organs are fully developed, save for the nervous system and lungs, which continue to develop after birth.
  • The liver of the baby stores enough starch which turns into glucose after delivery and it will provide enough nutrients to the baby.
  • Skull bones of the baby are still not fused, to facilitate the vaginal delivery.
  • Development of immunities that will be needed for survival after birth

Tips for Fortieth Week of Pregnancy

  • This should be the last week of your pregnancy, but it could go beyond this – maybe for another week or two.
  • Do your best to relax and get ready for the arrival of the baby any moment from now.
  • Prepare some quality-full clothes for your coming baby.

Bottom Line

You can wait for natural 40 weeks pregnant signs of labor; there is still time for it. But if feel any problem or feel that the baby is not moving as usual, contact with your doctor. You may experience the water breaking without pain or the amniotic fluid may ease in large quantities. In these circumstances you may be forced to go under cesarean section delivery.




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