Clevr Baby Backpack Reviews

Clevr is one of the leading sellers on baby backpacks on Amazon. The brand has a variety of carriers on sale for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. The carriers come at varying prices to suit different budgets. The company supplies other baby products as well, which include playing mats and tents. Clevr baby backpack reviews from parents confirm that the company supplies quality products. One of the company’s hiking carriers is reviewed below.





Easy To Use





  • Adjustable
  • Large storage
  • Low price


  • fabric not well ventilated
  • does not have a footrest
  • limited by the color range

Pros Of The Clevr Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Carrier

You cannot forego the pleasure of camping in the woods or hiking simply because you have a toddler. You may not live in the woods but if you have a comfortable and safe carrier, you can hike at any time. The cross-country backpack is light and safe enough to carry for hours. It has an ergonomic design and a steady structure for your comfort. Here are more reasons why you should buy this carrier:

  • The carrier is built to give maximum comfort for long trips. It has wide shoulder straps with thick padding. The waistband is equally padded for your comfort.
  • The carrier has a strong but light aluminum frame. The last thing you need when going uphill is unnecessary weight. Whenever you take a break, the structure provides a cushioned flat surface for the baby. The thick clothing can withstand the baby’s weight even if you use the carrier daily.
  • Positive Clevr baby backpack reviews from parents mention the carrier’s storage space. Hunger and discomfort can interrupt a well-planned trip. The baby backpack cross country carrier has multiple pockets where you can place snacks and wipes. The water bottle holders on the sides provide additional storage for baby products.
  • The structure is adjustable, which means you do not need a different carrier when the baby grows older. You can adjust the seat and foot stirrups until the baby is comfortable. Also, you can use the carrier until your baby turns 4 years.
  • The sun and rain canopy is easy to remove and pack away. Should the weather change suddenly, you can keep the baby warm and comfortable with this protective feature.
  • The carrier is gender-neutral and adjustable. This means that parents with different body sizes can use the carrier. Men love outdoor adventures and this carrier helps them carry the child without feeling awkward.
  • Price is a leading subject in many Clevr baby backpack reviews. The high quality comes at a pocket-friendly price. If you compare different carriers with the same features, this cross-country carrier is relatively cheaper.

Cons Of The Clevr Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Carrier

The carrier has a few shortcomings that may or may not be a deal-breaker for parents. It all depends on your priorities and the baby’s needs. Some of the drawbacks we found with the carrier include:

  • The fabric not well ventilated. The thick padding and material are not breathable. You may be uncomfortable when using the carrier on extremely hot days.
  • The backpack does not have a footrest for the child. If you walk for hours without breaks in between, your baby will get tired of swinging their legs.

Reviews From Amazon Buyers

If the product description is unbelievable, always check what parents who already using the product have to say. We have summarized the positive and negative reviews on Amazon for you.

Positive Reviews

Many customers are happy about buying high quality and durable carrier at an affordable price. Customers are also satisfied with the think padded waist and shoulder straps. The carrier is adjustable to fit different sizes and gives the child enough room to play while hiking. The lightweight and sufficient storage are a plus for most buyers.

Negative Reviews

Some customers feel limited by the color range and wish the backpack came in different colors. Another complaint from customers is the lack of a mirror to monitor the child’s movements. You have to keep turning back if you feel your baby is uncomfortable or restless.

Final Thoughts

It is sometimes difficult to find products that combine high-quality and affordability. After reading several Clevr baby backpack reviews, you are likely to settle for this cross-country carrier. It has a strong and lightweight frame, thick cushioning for you and your child, and adjustable design. It comes with a canopy for rain and sun protection and multiple pockets to carry baby products. The design and color are gender-neutral, which makes it best baby carrier for hiking.



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