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The Osprey Company started with one man’s desire for comfortable, durable, and sound travel products. One outstanding value of the company is its commitment to long-lasting products for all individuals. Travelers shop with a guarantee of top-quality products, especially for adventure. Such qualities will be made clear through this Osprey Packs Poco AG review. 

Pros Of The Osprey Packs Poco Ag Plus Child Carrier

Do you want your child to experience your adventurous trips with you? Now you can with this Osprey baby carrier. It has a light aluminum frame to support the load. The same frame gives a stable platform when you place the carrier down. The built-in sunshade protects your child from the elements. It has hip belt pockets and compartments where you can carry snacks or baby products. Here are more advantages of the Poco AG Plus child carrier:

  • It is lightweight because of the aluminum frame. You do not want any additional weight to the baby’s weight when hiking or exploring outdoors.
  • It is comfortable. The carrier gives a 6-inch torso adjustment to custom fit your body frame. You can increase the comfort with the adjustable hip belt that extends on both sides.
  • Your baby will be safe and comfortable in this carrier. It is easy and fasts to deploy the built-in sunshade from its dedicated pockets. The carrier has a padded and fully framed cockpit for the baby’s safety. It has an adjustable halo harness as well.
  • The company’s all might guarantee is another reason why we’ve chosen to give this product a positive review. The founder and head designer signs the guarantee on the company’s carriers. Osprey repairs any damage or defect at no cost even after decades of using it. If the damage cannot be repaired, the company replaces the carrier with a new one.
  • You can always tell if the baby is sleeping in the right position and breathing properly from the in-built mirror. You are likely to carry the hiking carrier on your back most of the time. The mirror enables you to monitor your baby’s movement when asleep or awake.
  • The mesh wraps and the fitting design allow excellent ventilation for the parent and the baby.

Cons Of The Osprey Packs Poco Ag Plus Child Carrier

This Osprey Poco Ag Plus review may sound too good to be true. The reality is that the child carrier is comfortable and reliable. However, you need to note these disadvantages before purchasing it:

  • The carrier has many compartments and pockets for enough storage. You need enough storage space but the multiple pockets add to the weight of the carrier. The heavyweight may force you to lean forward, which is not a safe hiking position.
  • The quality guarantee of the carrier comes at a price. The carrier is relatively more expensive than other hiking carriers are.

Osprey Poco Premium Vs Plus

A comparison of the Poco AG plus with the Poco AG Premium.

Osprey Poco




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  • Lightweight
  • Ventilation
  • Large Storage


  • High Price

The Poco AG Premium is an improved model of the AG plus carrier. It has all the amazing features of the AG plus carrier including the adjustable torso, sunshade, drool pad, adjustable hip belt, and large storage compartments. Comparisons of the Osprey Poco Premium vs plus show a slight difference in design. The premium carrier has a removable daypack and reservoir. Also, the premium carrier has a locking foot bar and an extra-wide base to keep the baby stable in a sitting position.

Customers’ Feedback On Amazon

Positive Reviews

The majority of the customers gave a positive review because of the carrier’s comfort, sufficient storage, and durability. Customers are happy about the strong but light aluminum frame. The carrier is generally safe for the baby in any location and weather. It fits adults of different sizes with adjustable straps.

Negative Reviews

Although the carrier is adjustable to fit different sizes, small-framed parents may have a hard time getting the right adjustment. Some customers have complained that it does not fit well or distribute the weight evenly despite several attempts. Customers have also complained that the sunshade is stuck often. It does not give maximum protection in the cold weather.

Concluding Remarks

The insights in this Osprey Poco Ag plus Review are worth your consideration. The greatest concern when going on an adventurous trip is the baby’s safety. Osprey premium plus carriers guarantee that safety. Also, you get a long-lasting, breathable, adjustable, and comfortable carrier with sufficient storage space.

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