Hello, Mom To Be?

I know that you are excited about becoming a mom. Positive results for a pregnancy test are perhaps the best news for any woman waiting to be a mom. You are about to experience a mixture of excitement and anxiety. The thought of holding your newborn is exciting but you need to enjoy the process as well.

As you begin to share the good news with your friends and family, you will come across many myths. Different moms will give you different recipes for your meals, sleeping positions, things to buy before baby arrives and all that. You will hear myths about the gender of the baby and the delivery process. It can be scary at times because moms speak from their experiences.

I am here to calm your fears. You are online today because you want some answers. You want the truth and not myths. I am here to share that truth not based on other mothers’ experiences but medical practitioners’ advice. In short, you finally landed in the right place.

Some of the things you can expect in this guide include the signs to expect every week of your pregnancy. It is not enough to learn about the 3 trimesters. You need to know what to expect every week. Your body changes every few days as the baby grows.

We do not assume that every reader is pregnant. You may be planning to have a baby and want to learn in advance. The guide includes the signs to check for when you first conceive. You will learn the types of tests to take. Our guide also includes birth plans, labor signs, stages of labor, postnatal care and diet, postpartum exercises and breastfeeding tips.

Remember that not everything you read on Google is accurate or applicable to you. We have taken time to verify the information you will learn here. However, you need to follow your doctor’s advice because every journey is unique. Buckle your seat belt and let us get right into it.



Week By Week Pregnancy