Pregnancy Test With Salt

If you want to be pregnant or notice that your menstruation is delayed than normal time, you are going to ensure it with a pregnancy test. There are various types of home based pregnancy tests. Among those one way is testing with salt. This salt is what we use in our daily life. It is totally a home based test. If there is no way to go to a hospital or no way to buy a urine strip, you can test your pregnancy with salt.

How To Do A Pregnancy Test With Salt?

The method is very easy. You can do the test all by yourself. For this test you will need a pot/bowl, two or three pinch of salt and your urine sample.


At first take a clean glass or pot. Pour it with first sample of urine from the morning exertion. Because, the morning sample contains more Beta- hCG hormone. And the salt reacts with this hormone. 

Then take two to three pinches of salt and add to the urine. You can stir it a little with a stick. Now wait for about five minutes to get the result.

Salt Pregnancy Test Positive Results

To get the result you have to see the consistency of the urine. If you see any clumping or any cheesy solution in the urine then the test result is positive, that means you are pregnant. 

Salt Pregnancy Test Negative Result

If nothing happens after adding salt, the test result is negative and you are not pregnant.

Bottom Line

You may find any kind of result, but it is not a confirmatory test. That’s why you have to confirm it by a valid and most proven test like urine strip test or blood test. So pregnancy test with salt is not advised but you can do if there is no option to you.

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