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The Thule Group is a global market leader in providing traveling solutions. The motto of the organization is to make an active life as easy as possible. Thule is the main brand of the Group that supplies child products such as carriers, bike trailers or seats, and jogging strollers. The brand also supplies sports bags, roof boxes, backpackers, roof racks, and camera bags, among other products. Thule’s products are sold in more than 140 countries. The Thule Sapling Review below outlines all the pros and cons of Thule’s elite child carrier.

Pros Of The Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier

Thule Sapling Elite




Easy To Use





  • Adjustable
  • Enough storage
  • Breathable material


  • less supportive seat

Thule products are mostly designed for an active life. If this is your lifestyle, baby wraps and the usual carriers will not work for you. Thule’s elite child carrier has a strong frame, which changes into a comfortable for your child on any surface. The pros of this child carrier are listed below.

  • The back panel and hip belt are fully adjustable. This feature is important for parents with an active life. The transition from one parent to another is quick and easy. With a few quick adjustments, the carrier fits either of the parents perfectly.
  • The carrier is made of the nylon material, which easily washable and water-resistant. In case of spills, you can wipe the carrier clean and continue enjoying your trip.
  • You have the luxury of a viewing mirror to check on your child. You can also tell if your child is comfortably enjoying the trail without turning hundreds of times.
  • We considered air circulation when writing this Thule Sapling Review. The back panel is not only adjustable but breathable as well. You also stay hydrated with the 3l reservoir that the hydration sleeve can store.
  • The elite child carrier comes with a removable nylon backpack. You can put it on if you need more storage than the compartments provide. The compartments are large and zippered. You can pack anything including a change of clothes in the backpack or compartments for the trip.
  • The child carrier is less than 4 pounds with all the storage space and stand-alone frame. You can reduce the weight further by removing any extra pockets that you do not need.
  • The carrier adjusts to your baby’s development. It has another opening in addition to the one top that you can use when your child grows older.

Cons Of The Elite Child Carrier

The Thule Sapling has a few shortcomings that are worth your consideration before you decide on this product:

  • The frame can transition to a comfortable seat for your baby. However, the carrier is not as stable on the ground. You have to keep your eyes on the baby or lean it on another surface to avoid toppling over.
  • Many carriers come with sun or rain cover. The elite carrier does not have a rain cover. If you need one, which will likely be the case, you have to purchase it as an extra item.

Thule Sapling Vs Sapling Elite


It is advisable to compare different products in the market before a purchase. You now know all about the elite carrier but a Thule sapling vs sapling elite comparison will help you make a better decision. The design is almost similar but Thule sapling carrier comes with a sunshade. It has load stabilizer straps and the child seat is more comfortable and ergonomic.

Details About: Thule Sapling Carrier on Amazon

Customer Reviews On Amazon

The elite carrier is one of the products on the marketplace with no feedback from previous buyers. However, Thule is a renowned supplier of high-quality products. You can purchase the carrier based on the brand’s good reputation for quality products. You also have an option to return the product and get a refund if the product does not meet your expectations.


We have reviewed a reliable and breathable carrier in this Thule Sapling Review. The Thule sapling elite child carrier has all the features you would want in a hiking carrier. It has storage compartments and a removable backpack to provide more storage room. Its back panel is breathable and adjustable. You can adjust it to suit your child’s growing height and easily transition between parents.

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