Allen Sports Bike Trailer Review

The company Allen Sports is named after its founder Dick Allen. Allen started making bicycle carriers in his garage in 1967. Since then, the company has remained committed to high quality and easy-to-assemble carriers. As you read this Allen Sports bike trailer review, bear in mind that their experienced staff constructs the bikes.

Also, the company gives its clients value for their money for each product. The focus of this review is the company’s deluxe steel child trailer. 

Allen Sports Bike Trailer


Passenger Comfort-ability


Smooth Riding


Safety Ratings



  • It is lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy storage


  • It’s not very much ventilated

Pros Of The Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

You already know one of the advantages of considering this bike trailer. You are buying from a leading supplier that is committed to high quality, value, and versatility.

Here are some more of the product’s qualities to help inform your decision:

  • It is lightweight but sturdy enough to carry two children safely. You can ride two children between 1 and 5 years with a maximum payload of 100 pounds.
  • The trailer has a foldable design with quick-release wheels. The design makes it easy to store after use.
  • The safety standards are high including the foot guard that protects your child’s feet. Other safety features include a rain shield, large windows, a removable Velcro bug, a padded harness, and a safety flag.
  • Many trailer reviews sound great until you read about thin padding. Luckily, this bike trailer had thick-padded double seats with shock absorbers.
  • Buyers give a favorable Allen Sports bike trailer review for this trailer because of its speed. The rear tires are easy to pull, which enables you to cycle fast.

Cons Of The Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

The child trailer sounds perfect from the list of advantages but it has a few drawbacks as outlined below:

  • The ventilation is insufficient. The multiple safety features and durable material limit the trailer’s ventilation. However, the limitation does not endanger your kids when riding.

  • Although the bike trailer is designed for two passengers, it is not very spacious. One child can ride comfortably but two may feel a bit squeezed.

Amazon Reviews From Buyers

Happy Customers:

“One of the major reasons why customers give a positive Allen Sports bike trailer review for the deluxe trailer is the safety features. The frame is sturdy, safe, and comfortable. The coupler is strong and the Velcro bug is durable. Parents have tried the trailer on rough terrain and reported that their children were comfortable. The trailer has large wheels with shock absorbers. Other features that attract positive feedback are the harness for each child, foldable front window, rain shield, and light frame.”

Unhappy Customers:

Parents have noted the limited space in the trailer especially when carrying two children. Lack of space can also contribute to excessive heat inside the trailer. Opening the front window helps with the ventilation, but it is impractical in bad weather. Some parents also had a hard time finding a comfortable sitting position with the harness straps. The harness straps slide from time to time and the rider has to stop to fix them. However, some parents have reported that they had no problem with the straps.

Allen T2 and S2 bike trailers


The two bike trailers models carry two children. The trailers can be attached to any adult bike using the tow bar. The models feature a five-point harness on both seats and large windows at the front and on the sides.

The Allen Sports Bike Trailer T2 is different in that it can only be used as a bike trailer. It has a foot guard tube and 16-inch rear wheels. The quick release wheels and folding design make storage quick and easy.

The Allen S2 bike trailer can be converted into a jogging stroller. It has an additional wheel at the front to function as a stroller. It features a rugged steel frame. The S2 bike trailer has two storage pockets at the back. The 20-inch rear wheels have parking brakes when used as a stroller. The top Allen S2 bike trailer review highlights the easy conversion to a stroller, airy passenger space, and premium safety features.

Allen Sports bike trailer weight limit:

Both S2 and T2 Allen sports bike trailers have a weight limit of 100 pounds for both passengers. The models can also be used safely for a single passenger.

Comparison Of Allen Sports Deluxe Trailer Versus The Allen Premier Child Trailer



Allen’s Premier trailer functions as a trailer and a racing stroller

Hence, it is more expensive than the deluxe child trailer. The premier trailer has a universal coupler that works with most bicycles. It is sturdy, easy to assemble, ultra-light, spacious, and fit to carry two children. 

Some of the unique features of the premier trailer include zippered panels on the rain shield and bug and tinted side windows. 

You also get a lifetime warranty after purchasing the trailer. If you are looking for a 2-in-1 trailer, the premier is your best pick. 

However, you must be willing to pay more for the premium features and easy conversion.

Details About Allen Sports Premier on Amazon

In this section of the Allen sports bike trailer review, we compare two bike brands.

Schwinn vs allen bike trailer


The Schwinn and Allen bike trailers are great options for both single and double trailers. Schwinn bike trailer reviews highlight the folding design that fits easily into a car booth or closet. The Schwinn bike has a weight limit of 40 pounds for each passenger while the Allen bike trailer has a maximum load of 100 pounds for both passengers. In addition, the Allen bike trailer can be converted into a stroller.

Details About Schwinn bike trailer on Amazon

Allen Sports bike trailer Manual:

Every bike trailer comes with a manual from the manufacturer. Allen Sports Bike Trailer assembly is easy with the Allen manual. The manual explains in details how to install, attach, and disassemble the bike trailer.

How do you install a Allen sports bike trailer?

1. Unfold the frame to an upright position

2. Release the tow bar and attach it to the frame with the lock pins

3. Install wheels

4. Attach the cover

5. Install the safety flag

How to fold Allen Sports Bike trailer?


1. Unclip the safety strap and pins to release the tow bar.

2. Remove the safety flag and its pole.

3. Remove the pins from the axles to release the wheels

4. Remove the pin from the tow bar bracket and fold the tow bar.

5. Store the wheels in the passenger compartment.

6. Fold and strap the upper frame.

Allen Sports Bike Trailer attachment:

Allen Bike rack Hitch adapter


The combination of the bicycle adaptor and two-bike rack is the perfect solution when using a car. The combo is fully assembled and hence easy to install. The rack has a sturdy steel frame and a padded lower frame to protect your car.

Details About Allen Bike rack Hitch adapter on Amazon

Allen 440RR Bike Rack


The 440RR bike rack is not always readily available in the market. However, the deluxe 3-bike hitch works perfectly. It is easy to install and has a no-wobble installation option. It also comes with folding carry arms.

Details About Allen 440RR Bike Rack on Amazon

Allen Sports 70 inch strap


A cargo strap comes in handy when mounting a load to your bike or vehicle. In this pack, you get 96-inches cargo straps with 500 pounds break strength. The straps have an easy-to-use padded buckle as well.

Details About Allen Sports 70 inch strap on Amazon

Allen Sports Bicycle Trailer Accessories

Other accessories that bike trailers might need include an extra, wheel, coupler, and hitch connector. Check the availability of all accessories and attachments needed when reading an Allen sports bike trailer review.


  • Are bike trailers safer than bike seats?

Yes, bike trailers are safe because they are separate from the adult bike.

  • Can a 6 month old ride in a bike trailer?

No, the recommended age is 12 months and above

  • Can you put a bike trailer on a road bike?

Yes, you can attach a bike trailer to a road bike

  • How can I make my bike trailer more comfortable?

1. Ensure that the seat has enough padding and a five-point harness.

2. Use the cover to ensure the baby warm and dry.

3. Use a single trailer for one child.

4. Consider installing an adjustable suspension.

  • What kind of bike do I need to pull a trailer?

A mountain bike is recommended but other bikes with an axle mount can also pull a bike trailer.

Concluding Remarks

We have described all the amazing features and drawbacks of Allen’s deluxe trailer in this Allen Sports bike trailer review. To find out more trailers you can also take a look to our kids bike trailer review.

The kids bike trailer is durable, safe, comfortable, and affordable. It is easy to assemble, pull, and store. 

Your child will enjoy the view from the large windows while seated on a well-cushioned seat. 

You may have issues with space, ventilation, and harness straps but generally, the trailer is worth every cent.

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