Instep Bike Trailer Reviews

Pacific Style assembles and supplies the Instep Sync trailers discussed in this review. In addition to the bike trailers, the company sells strollers, knee and elbow pads, and bicycle accessories. One of the things you will note when reading Instep Bike Trailer Reviews is that the company offers affordable products. 

The main product discussed in this review is the InStep Sync single bicycle trailer.

InStep Sync









  • Stylish design
  • Affordable
  • Rear vent window


  • Can't convert into stroller

Pros And Cons Of The Instep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

Our goal is to give you objective reviews of various products so that you make the right choice.

Hence, we will give the positive and negative side of each product and then leave the final decision to you.


  • The bike trailer is made of a lightweight frame. You will have an easy time biking with your toddler.
  • It is easy to store and transport. The trailer has a folding frame design with quick-release wheels.
  • The bike has a 2-in-1 canopy that comprises of sunscreen protection and a bug screen. Your child is safe while you enjoy the outdoor adventure at any time of day.
  • You can easily attach and reattach the trailer to any adult bike. The trailer has an easy-to-use coupler or hitch for attaching it to an adult bike.
  • The bike trailer has a stylish design. You have no reason to carry a cute baby in an ugly bike trailer.
  • It is affordable. A number of the positive Instep Bike Trailer Reviews point to its design and fair price.


  • You cannot convert the bike trailer into a jogging stroller. The design only allows you to attach it to an adult bike.
  • You may need to add the padding on the passenger’s seat. The padding provided is thin and may be uncomfortable for the passenger on rough terrain.

Instep Presto Bike Trailer Reviews



You have several Instep bike trailers to choose from in the market. One of the alternative trailers that you can consider is the Instep Presto bike.

The bike has a lightweight frame and a foldable design for easy storage. You may prefer this bike for its improved transparency.

It has a large window and a mesh surface area. Such transparency is good for monitoring your child’s activities or condition while you ride.

The cover keeps your child cool, especially during the hot weather. The bike trailer has a bug screen as well and a universal coupler that works with most adult bikes.

It comes in blue and mint colors. Similar to the Instep Sync Bike, the presto bike trailer cannot convert into a stroller.

Details About: Instep Presto Trailer  on Amazon

Instep Robin Bike Trailer Reviews



Another trailer by Instep that you can consider is the robin bike trailer. The bike is within the same price range as the Instep sync single bike.

Price is among the top features that buyers mention in Instep Bike Trailer Reviews. The robin bike trailer is built to accommodate two passengers.

The foldable design and bug screen may seem similar to those of the Instep Sync bike. However, the robin bike trailer comes with a zippered entry and exit space.

The design makes it easy to load and unload the bike. The Instep robin bike is orange in color and attaches to most adult bikes.

One drawback that you should think about is the thin padding on the passenger seat.

Details About: Instep Robin Trailer  on Amazon

Amazon Reviews From Customers For The Instep Sync Bike

“Buyers have given more than a thousand reviews on Amazon for the instep sync bike. Buyers appreciate the sturdy and foldable design that easily fits in the car trunk. Parents are also happy that they can enjoy outdoor safely with their kids without breaking the bank. Positive reviews also talk about the easiness of installing the bike and the attractive design. Some buyers warn about the wheel size of bikes that work well with this bike trailer. While the trailer has a coupler that works with most adult bikes, you may have trouble attaching to a bike with wheel size above 26. Another drawback that buyers point out is the lack of padding on the harness straps.”

Final Remarks

Shopping for an Instep bike trailer is now easy with this review. To find out more bike trailers check our list of the best baby bike trailers.

Instep Bike Trailer Reviews share the experience of real buyers after purchase.

This review goes beyond that to compare the Instep Sync bike with other trailers by the same manufacturer.

The notable features of the sync trailer include a sturdy, foldable design, 2-in-1 canopy, affordability, and a lightweight frame.

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