Surprising Burley Bee Bike Trailer Reviews By Parents​

Bike adventures are a great way for families to bond, and Burley trailers are designed to make such adventures safe. Burley Design is among the top suppliers of outdoor family products. Based in Oregon, USA, the company Burley has been in this business since 1978. For a long time, Burley operated as a worker-owned corporation. However, it was converted into a private corporation in 2006. Most of the Burley Bee bike trailer reviews you will come across feature its blue and yellow bikers. 

Burley Bee


Passenger Comfort-ability


Smooth Riding


Safety Ratings



  • Comfortable seat
  • More storage space
  • Water-resistant


  • It cannot be converted to a jogging stroller

The Pros And Cons Of The Burley Bee Bike Trailer

The only way to ensure your first bike trailer purchase is right for you is to gather as much information as you can about the product. In this review, we list the major advantages and drawbacks of Burley’s Bee bike trailer.


  • The bike trailer is lightweight, which makes it easy and fun to explore the outdoors. Your child’s weight is enough to carry around, so a light trailer is your best option.
  • The seat has a five-point harness and a helmet pocket for maximum safety. Also, the seat meets the ASTM F1975-09 safety standards.
  • The material used to design the trailer is water-resistant. Your child remains warm and dry even when the weather changes suddenly.
  • It has a fold-flat design to enable you to transport or store the trailer easily. The bike lies flat while the trailer remains upright when you adjust it correctly.
  • The trailer has tinted rear and side windows to protect your child from strong sun rays.
  • You have spacious storage to carry extra clothes, toys, and diapers if necessary.


Be careful with Burley bee bike trailer reviews that omit the shortcomings of a product. Here are some potential issues that should be considered with this trailer:

  • The trailer does not have padding for the passenger. You may need to add padding to the passenger seat for comfort.
  • The bee trailer is designed as a bike only, which means it cannot be converted into a jogging stroller.

Burley Honey Bee Review



Burley Honey Bee Review In Comparison With Burley Honey Bee Bike Trailer

The right trailer to purchase will ultimately depend on your needs and budget. If you want a bike trailer that you can easily convert into a stroller, then consider the Burley Honey Bee trailer. The trailer is red and black, while the Bee bike trailer is black and yellow. Another difference between the two trailers is that the Honey Bee bike trailer has a parking brake. Burley Bee bike trailer reviews rarely mention the price of products yet it is among the top considerations for buyers. You will pay more for the additional features in the Honey Bee bike but the bike is worth the cost.

Exclusive Burley Honey Bee Review

Should you consider buying the Honey Bee bike, here are a few things to consider. You can seamlessly convert it from a bike mode to a stroller with the adjustable handlebar. It has a 5-point harness system as well and Velcros on the seat if you need to add its padding. You can easily engage and disengage the parking brake with your foot. The bike trailer is fully assembled and ready to use. However, it is more expensive because of its unique features. It is also noisy when riding around because of the plastic front wheel.

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Burley Bee Vs D'Lite

Burley Bee Vs D'Lite

The Burley Bee vs D’lite comparison introduces you to the best trailer by Burley. The D’lite trailer has all the premium features you could think of, including an adjustable sunshade, parking brakes, seat pads, and an adjustable suspension. It accommodates two riders and can convert from biking to strolling, skiing, or jogging. The D’lite bike trailer is perhaps the most versatile trailer you will find on the market. However, the premium features come at a high price.

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Customer Reviews On Amazon

“Buyers like the Burley Bee bike because of its top safety features, water-resistant cover, and fold-flat design. The bike is affordable and easy to install. Customers are also happy with their large room and durability. The main complaints about the bike are its lack of a suspension system and limited padding on the seats. Burley bikes are a bit expensive compared to other bikes but customers are happy to spend more for high safety standards.”


You can avoid purchasing the wrong bike trailers with so many Burley Bee bike trailer reviews online. In this review, we have analyzed Burley’s bee bike in detail. The bike is worth every cent because of its safety features and design. However, the final decision rests with you after comparing its pros and cons.


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