Babywearing Newborn Tips And Tricks For New Moms

Start learning babywearing newborn tips and tricks even before you deliver or buy a baby wrap. 

The normal chores around the house can keep you away from the baby for hours. 

Babywearing enables you to continue bonding with your baby as you take care of the rest of the family.  

While babywearing has multiple advantages, you must always ensure that the baby is safe.

We share the best babywearing positions and tips below.

Babywearing Positions - Babywearing Newborn Tips And Tricks

Before we talk about the right baby-wearing positions, it is important to highlight the need to buy the right gear. 

If you buy the wrong baby wrap achieving a comfortable and safe position is almost impossible. Some wraps are either too long or too short to fit your baby.

Beyond the size, you need to consider the material. Go for a breathable wrap to allow circulation when wearing the baby close. 

Excess heat will make the baby uncomfortable and interfere with the bonding moments. The right position will depend on the age and body structure of the baby. 

Let us now look at the right positions for a newborn.

Newborn Babywearing Positions



If you get the right babywearing tips and tricks for a newborn, you are likely to get it right in the consequent stages. 

You can wear the baby at the front or the back. However, the front position is recommended for infants.

The position enables you to monitor the comfort and breathing patterns of the baby as you walk or work.

Check the position of the head and neck to ensure that both have good support. A newborn’s body parts are sensitive and still growing. 

Support the head in a way that the chin does not fall to the chest. You may need to use your hands to support the chin to keep the baby breathing properly.

Ensure that the legs are comfortable and the spine supported. For a newborn, the spine has a pronounced c-shaped. 

Wrap the baby tight enough to keep the back as upright as possible without hurting the spine or blocking the air paths.

Breastfeeding While Babywearing Newborn

New parents sometimes have a hard time mastering breastfeeding while babywearing.

However, you can learn babywearing tips and tricks from older mothers and become perfect. 

You may not have the time to stop a trip or task to breastfeed. The baby will feed and sleep comfortably if you get the right wrapping position.

Babywearing Breastfeeding Wrap

Learning how to breastfeed a baby in a wrap takes time. Before using a wrap, practice breastfeeding in an upright position. 

Get a comfortable position for you and the baby while in an upright position. Buy a fitting wrap that covers the baby’s body and supports the head. 

Wrap it in a way that the head can move and the baby can breathe properly. The baby can suck and swallow easily if the head is in the right position. 

Use your hand to support the baby’s neck if the fabric does not provide enough support.

Breastfeeding Newborn In Infantino Carrier



As your baby increases in age and weight, you will need to transition from a wrap to a carrier. The transition takes place even before the baby can stop breastfeeding.  Infant carriers are specially designed to support a breastfeeding child. 

One of the most important babywearing tips and tricks when using a carrier is learning to adjust the straps and base to a safe position.

Once the baby is comfortable, loosen the strap on the side that you are going to breastfeed. 

Use one or two hands to latch the baby and then tighten the strap. You may loosen the waist strap when you need to get the baby lower. 

Raise the baby to a comfortable position and tighten all the straps after feeding.

Nursing In A Sling Carrier

Nursing while on the move starts with your dress code. New mothers have a hard time adjusting their dressing after birth. 

A button shirt or low-neck top allows you to breastfeed easily while on the move. You also need practice and patience to learn how to nurse in a sling carrier

Your goal is to achieve a hands free nursing position and keep working. However, you may need to support the baby’s chin or head while feeding. 

You also need to monitor the flow of milk to avoid choking. One of the babywearing tips and tricks is using one hand to support the baby’s weight at the bottom. 

You can use the other hand to loosen the sling. The baby’s knees should be above the bottom throughout the nursing session. 

Reposition the baby to an ergonomic position after feeding.

Baby K'tan Breastfeeding



Combining breastfeeding and babywearing is only possible if you have the right wrap or carrier. 

Hence, when shopping carrier, check ergonomics and adjustability to different positions. 

Baby K’tan is a leading brand that offers the best wraps and carriers in the market. The supplier offers tips to mothers on how to use its wraps to breastfeed in multiple positions. 

The tips include instructional videos that demonstrate how to position the baby for nursing. 

With K’tan wraps, you can nurse in different positions including kangaroo, hugging, and hip position. 

The good thing about a wrap is that you can use it to cover your baby for privacy when nursing in a public place.

Best Baby Carrier For Nursing And Walking At The Same Time

Here is another reality that mothers must consider when buying a baby carrier

You will not always sit or stand while breastfeeding. The baby may start crying out of hunger while walking to the store. 

K’tan offers quality carriers that allow breastfeeding while on the move. You can also compare with other leading suppliers. 

The carrier must be ergonomic and strong enough to support the baby weight. The best carriers are adjustable to use for both infants and toddlers. 

Always listen for strange noises like snoring or grunting. Such noises result when the baby’s chin fall to the chest and cause distressed breathing.

Final Remarks On Babywearing Newborn Tips And Tricks

Learning how to breastfeed while babywearing takes time. The babywearing tips and tricks outlined in this article will make the learning process easier. 

The journey starts with identifying the most comfortable nursing position while standing. You can then try a sling or a carrier and adjust it to different positions. 

Ensure that the baby is breathing and swallowing properly in all positions.


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