Pregnancy Myths and Taboos – Is It Bad Luck To Buy Baby Stuff Early?

All along with your expectancy, you have a feeling that you really want to do some shopping for your upcoming baby. This is in readiness to usher in a new member of the family. Naturally, this is a desire most women will tend to have during their pregnancy. But then, is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early? Supposing you are not allowed to do so, could it mean some kind of bad omen?

Where Is The Origin Of This Taboo?

Well, you will find that not only the Asian cultures practice this kind of taboo; the Jews and quite a good number of cultures worldwide including those residing in America and Europe are also known to bear this kind of belief. To your surprise, you may find the reason behind the taboo making a lot of sense. 

Before medical science was realized, there were more cases of stillbirths and infant mortality. Most of the dos and don’ts during pregnancy are based on the danger and fear of child loss. However, the reasons for the belief that buying baby stuff in advance are indeed real. It can be extremely traumatic donating or selling the stuff bought during expectancy, especially for women who experience stillbirth. It becomes even harder to keep the items since they are a reminiscence of sad happenings.  

Is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early? While it may not be scientifically proven, there is actually some power in the whole belief. In fact, in the African setting, this is quite unacceptable and you will find women keeping everything to themselves until the arrival of the baby. Most of them argue that shopping for the unborn is likely to set in bad luck and this can be detrimental to both the mother and the unborn.

Is It Bad Luck To Buy Baby Stuff Before Getting Pregnant?


You will come across all manner of myths about pregnancy. Some cultures believe that shopping for baby stuff before getting pregnant is also bad luck. The reality is that there is no proof that preparing for your baby early will harm the child. Dismiss the myths “is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early” and be the best parent to your child. If you have no health issues and plan on getting pregnant, you can go ahead and buy some baby stuff. Some products like baby carriers or baby carrier shirts, strollers, baby swing, and infant car seats are necessary whether you get a boy or girl. The products also come in unisex designs, which makes it even easier to shop.

When To Start Buying Baby Stuff During Pregnancy

We have already addressed the question, is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early? Do not allow beliefs in some cultures to limit your decisions.
If you are already pregnant, you need to start preparing for the arrival of your baby. You may think, during pregnancy when is the right time to buy a stroller or other baby stuff?
You might not have the strength to walk around and negotiate with suppliers in the third trimester.

Buying baby stuff in first trimester

There is no timeline for buying baby stuff. It is okay to start to shop right from the moment you confirm you are pregnant in the first trimester. Shopping is fun and exciting, if you want you can buy baby stuff in the first trimester. If you are buying baby stuff at 6 weeks or earlier, you can start with general products such as car seats,  baby travel systems, and ring sling or baby wraps as you wait to know the gender of the baby. Buying such products early gives you time to test their functionality and return or exchange any faulty products.

If you are wondering, is 12 weeks too early to buy baby stuff? you are probably running late. The second trimester is supposed to be the easiest to manage during pregnancy. However, some mothers develop complications and are forced to rest until the time of delivery. You cannot predict how your pregnancy will turn out. If you have the cash in hand to make a purchase, create a list of the baby products you need and buy.

Is it bad luck to give a baby gift before the baby is born?

In some cultures, it’s considered bad luck to give a baby gift before the baby is born.

Mainly Orthodox Jews believe that buying baby gifts before the baby is born, is bad luck. But nowadays many Jewish families accept gifts for an unborn baby.

As they are not scientifically proven, modern-day parents don’t believe in these thoughts- “is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early” or “is it bad luck to give a baby gift before the baby is born” ?

But it may make them feel weird if you send a baby gift before birth. It is much usual to send a gift after the birth. But if you want you can buy a baby gift earlier and can send it later, after birth.

When is the best time to buy baby clothes?

It is not always the best option to buy all kinds of baby stuff before the baby is born. It’s better to buy some items like- baby clothes, after the baby’s arrival.  Parents sometimes stock baby’s clothes before their baby is born. Later they find out that their baby doesn’t fit in the clothes.

Loose-fitting clothes may pose to danger, especially in sleep time. Loose sleepwear can raise the danger of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. A tight outfit like- baby’s pajamas can cut off circulation.

The best strategy should be to limit buying clothes in advance. You may buy some basic items like- onesies or a few pairs of clothes that can be used in multiple seasons.

Where do you buy baby stuff?

Online shopping is getting popular day by day. Parents are now preferring online shopping for searching and buying the baby stuff rather than going to department stores. Why not? You can find anything from online shopping sites with just one click.

Take a look at the top 3 popular online shopping stores for baby products:


You can find any kind of baby item like baby travel gear, feeding items, diapers, toys, and baby care products on Amazon. Twin baby accessories such as – twin baby carrier, twin nursing pillow, double strollers, twin outfits, etc are also available on Amazon.


Walmart is another trust-able & popular online shopping site for buying baby products. You will find baby essentials like – baby travel system, toys, bath & feeding items on Walmart. Compared to Walmart, you will find the variety and plenty of baby items on Amazon.


Parents also prefer eBay for buying baby stuff. You will find any kind of travel gear like- hiking baby carrier or baby bike trailer & other baby essentials on eBay.

Final remarks

Do not believe or follow every myth you come across on pregnancy, delivery or parenting. The answer to the question is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early depending on your values and belief system. Preparing for a baby before pregnancy or early is advisable. You will not need to run around in the final trimester. Shopping early ensures that you get quality products and buy all the items that your baby will need.