When Can I Carry My Baby in A Carrier?

Being a parent, you will always try to devise ways to ensure your baby feels happy at all times. You could be wondering how to keep that bond between the two of you stronger. Holding or carrying the baby in your arms does not look like it is doing the trick. You definitely need to try something new – so, when can I carry my baby in a carrier? Now!

Well, baby-wearing seems the only way to go. It is not only healthy but a simple and enjoyable way to strengthen the bond between you and the baby. You just don’t want to leave them behind – they also need to explore the world and by cradling them up with you, they are definitely going to enjoy your company.  The good thing about baby carriers is that they are availed in various designs suitable for entirely all ages – infants to toddlers. 

Thus, if you are carrying your baby or a newborn, it is important to ensure the neck is well-positioned and supported. The hip of the baby should also be supported. The recommended position of carrying your baby is the M-position – where the knees are slightly raised above the bottom to form the letter “M”. This is critical as it will allow for their back’s correct curvature.  

The moment your baby gains stability and they are able to keep their heads up without any support, that is now the time to adjust the carrier. As such, in case your carrier is adjustable, you can widen the bottom to allow for adequate room and comfort for your baby. The facing-in position is the most appropriate for young babies, yet as the baby becomes more stable, you can revert to the facing out position. So, when can I carry my baby in a carrier? The answer is simply at any age. 

How long can you carry a baby in a carrier?


The answer lies in the comfort of your baby. You can always tell if the baby is comfortable as you move around. Short breaks may be necessary when you introduce the carrier. However, as the baby gets used to it, you can wear the baby for several hours. You may continue using the carrier for 2-3 years as long as the baby’s weight is manageable.

How early can you use a baby carrier?

You can use a baby carrier as soon as the baby is born. However, you must learn how to use it correctly to avoid hurting the newborn. A wrong position is uncomfortable and interferes with the baby’s development. Another reason why you need to learn how to use a baby carrier with a newborn is safety. Remember that the baby is tiny at this stage. Get a carrier that allows enough air circulation and wraps the baby in a firm position. One way to ensure baby carrier newborn safety is to purchase an adjustable carrier. You can try different positions until you are assured the baby is secure and comfortable.

Baby carrier for 1-month-old


The next step after answering the question when can I carry my baby in a carrier is to pick the right carrier. The most important consideration when buying a carrier for a 1-month-old baby is the special needs. Baby slings or ring sling and even wraps are excellent at this stage as long as the cloth is not excessive. Wraps like- Boba, Moby & Baby K’tan are best for newborns. You can use them after birth, but it’s better to use or practice baby-wearing after passing 3 months of the baby. So, the neck muscles of the baby are strong enough to hold up the head. These carriers allow easy breastfeeding in a secure position. Some soft structured carriers are also adjustable to suit a 1-month-old baby. Check the safety features and consider your baby’s weight to pick the right carrier.

Baby carrier for 3-month-old


Your baby has added extra weight at 3 months and hence finding the right carrier is easier. A baby wrap may still work but it may hurt your shoulders, neck, and back if the baby is heavy. Moms feel comfortable introducing a normal carrier at this stage. An adjustable or soft-structured carrier like- Baby Bjorn or Ergo baby carrier is perfect for newborns. The advantage of buying an adjustable carrier from the start is that you will just adjust the straps, as the baby grows bigger.

Which baby carrier to choose ?

There are so many carriers are available in the market today. Based on your needs, choose the one that’s best for you.

If you want a baby carrier for hiking, then Thule Sapling, Osprey Poco & Clevr Baby Backpack will be best. For hot weather, you need a carrier like Boba Air carrier that moves air to remain cool in hot weather. 

On the other hand, carrying a toddler Tula Baby carrier is the best option. Where Lillebaby Complete Original carrier works well for the plus-sized parents.

If you looking to a baby carrier for dad, then you need a baby carrier that is gender-neutral. Stokke Mycarrier, Onya Baby carrier are unisex in design and comfortable for dad.

For nursing, you need a carrier something like Boba 4g carrier that makes it easy for the mothers to breastfeed their baby.


The answer to the question, when can I carry my baby in a carrier? is simple. You can start at any time. The most important thing is to pick the right carrier that meets your baby’s special needs. Ensure that you get the right sitting position to avoid hurting your baby’s sensitive structure.